What Makes An Effective Leader?


What Makes An Effective Leader?

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What Makes An Effective Leader?

What are Leadership Traits?

Before we get into details of the topic – What Makes An Effective Leader? – lets first define or under the meaning of leadership traits. Leadership traits refer to unique qualities that define effective leaders. Leadership refers to the ability of an individual or an organisation to guide individuals, teams, or organisations toward the fulfillment of goals and objectives. It plays an important function in management, as it helps maximise efficiency and achieve strategic and organisational objectives. Effective Leaders help build others, provide guidance, build morale, and improve the work environment.

As an effective leader, you live and breathe leadership principles. You live and work around different leadership principles and focus on how to continuously improve in those principles. I will share with you some reflections on how to become a better leader. I have figured out a few things that have helped me become an effective leader and build great teams.

Leadership Traits

Above all, leadership is tough. Everyone will have their own view of your leadership, for good or ill. But as leaders, we have to set a vision and get our teams to buy into that vision. Get your teams to buy into your vision by following these six steps:

1. Integrity

Integrity is one the most important traits of an effective leader. It’s especially important for top level management who are driving the organisation and making countless significant decisions. Research has greatly linked integrity with increased workplace performance.  Furthermore, leaders with integrity promote great trust and satisfaction from employees under their supervision, who are more likely to follow suit. Employees working under high integrity leaders demonstrate a more positive approach towards work.

2. Celebrate successes

It’s important that this is one of the leadership traits and that you always remember it through the ups and downs. If you cannot talk about and articulate success, what is the point of showing up?

3. Transparency gains trust

Not everything can be revealed to a person, but speaking freely breaks down barriers and opens up people to have candid conversations. People more often than not will not quit on a job, they will quit on a person or management.

4. Challenge the status quo

If you are happy with the status quo, you are not doing yourself or the ones around you any favours. Push to improve in all aspects, but if you are the change agent, remember to explain the why behind it.

5. Show up and show your face

Some people like to say, “I do not like to be micromanaged.” While the statement has some merit, it does not mean they do not want to be interacted with or developed. Talk with your people, teach them, and work alongside them. It will go a long way because they know you are there during the good and challenging times. This one of the most effective employee engagement strategy.

6. Have fun

If you spend 1/3rd of your time during a year at work, you better hope it is fun. Shrewd Studio Limited motto unfortunately sometimes stops at the Work Hard part, and you don’t get to the Have Fun or Make History part. Be serious when you should, but do not forget to make people smile and laugh.
Change always makes you look back and reflect. Transitioning from a role and from a team that you absolutely loved working with brought some bittersweet feelings. However, change is constant and I hope the above steps help you all in the future. I have had missteps, but those have allowed me to learn and be a better person, leader, and most importantly human being.

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