Employee Engagement Tips


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Employee Engagement Tips

Are your employees well engaged? This is a question each employer should ask themselves. No matter how engaged your employees are you can always make the engagement better. With that in mind, here are some of the most effective employee engagement tips;

1. Provide Opportunities For Growth Of Employees

Majority of employees say they would stay longer if the organisation invested in their careers. Providing employees opportunities to grow their careers keeps them engaged, and having something to work toward keeps them motivated. Learning and development initiatives also demonstrate that you value your employees as individuals, you choose to continually invest in your people, rather than replacing them with candidates that have the skills you desire.

2. Recognize Best Performing Employees

It is always best to identify the top performing employees and recognise them for the results and their efforts.  Employees are engaged when they feel their work is valuable and helps the organisation achieve its goals. Regularly showing employees that you recognise and appreciate their hard work is a simple gesture that goes a long way in making them feel valued.  Reward top performers for their achievements with a cash prize, vacation or a shopping voucher. Employees like to feel their hard work is noticed and appreciated this keeps them more engaged. For a more detailed explanation on how to recognise or celebrate your best performing employees, see Ways to Celebrate Your Employee of the Month.

3. Introduce Open Communication

Frequent communication gives insights into what is going on in the minds of employees. Conduct surveys, team meetings, and using suggestion boxes to know how your employees feel. Encourage them to open up so that you can take action and implement the changes that you feel are right.

4. Promote Company Values and Culture

Refine and communicate your organizational Values. Make your employees clear about the organisation values and culture which includes goals, and mission. Regularly encourage them to adjust and fit into the culture by reminding them about the benefits. This effectively reminds employees why they do what they do, that reminder could have great value for employee engagement.

5. Get Feedback From Employees

Effective leaders listen to what their employees have to say and then act on the feedback. Furthermore, giving regular feedback to employees is more encouraging and engaging. This shows that you value, care and listen to your employees’ needs. Regular review of employees performance helps them in enhancing their skills and performance as per the organisation’s expectations. You do not have to always be formal when communicating with your employees, use informal ways of communication as well, this is one of the most effective employee engagement tip.

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