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Job description

The Training Representative will report to the Training Coordinator.

The principal purpose of this role is to assist with activities and operations regarding the training of agents, staff, and distributors, as well as the development of training materials and methods.


1. Developing Training Content

  • Develop and maintain effective training systems and procedures
  • Update and develop training operational tools i.e. training booklets, call scripts, video scripts, prospect lists etc
  • Conduct research to develop new training methodologies
  • Examine product information from the companies that supply VITALITE
  • Develop new training content on product knowledge and delivery
  • Develop new training delivery methods including digital training
  • Develop and update video scripts
  • Assist with the filming of training videos
  • Cooperate with Marketing to get branding materials for new agents
  • Update the training calendar consistently and frequently
  • Assist with the development of an overall, or individualized training and development plan
2. Training Delivery
  • Maintain clear and correct information flow, via agents, of products and services
  • Ensure quality candidates are selected for agent training
  • Create prospect lists of quality potential agents
  • Interview prospective agents and assign qualified ones to training sessions
  • Communicate with Regional Coordinators on future trainings
  • Assist with the planning of all agent, staff, and distributor trainings
  • Schedule trainings, including their time, location, and venue
  • Budget for agent trainings
  • Request funding from Finance Department for agent and distributor trainings
  • Prepare and print training handbooks, assessments, and certificates
  • Travel to VITALITE Regional Hubs to train agents when necessary
  • Train agents about all VITALITE products
  • Train agents about VITALITE marketing and sales
  • Ensure contracts given to agents and staff are clearly understood
  • Ensure agents have a thorough understanding about all VITALITE products and processes

3. Performance Assessment

  • Assist with monitoring agent performance and training effectiveness
  • Obtain feedback from agents about training and report feedback form to Coordinator
  • Administer assessments at staff, agent, and distributor trainings
  • Certify agents who successfully complete training and pass their assessment
  • Setup trained agents on Lumeter/PAYG
  • Ensure all trainees learn, and maintain, the VITALITE culture
  • Assist all other departments with conducting and developing new trainings
  • Assess agents and staff periodically to refresh their VITALITE knowledge
4. Reporting
  • Assist with the development of Training Department Standard Operating Procedures
  • Update and manage the training overview spreadsheet
  • Update and monitor the Training priority tracker
  • Assist with sourcing accurate information for the monthly Key Performance Indicator reports
  • Assist with developing and writing the Key Performance Reports
  • Assist with developing training output reports/debriefs on all held trainings

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