Team Leader

FHI 360

Position Description:

The Team Leader will be the most senior person responsible for the delivery of the supplier contract. They must provide overarching leadership for ESDZ, ensuring activities under all components contribute to a coherent, focused, and effective strategy. They must manage a large and diverse team of Zambian and international experts delivering the programme. They must lead high-level discussions between FCDO and the Supplier relating to the supplier contract and other commercially sensitive issues. They must lead high level, sensitive discussions between the supplier and government of Zambia and Zambian stakeholders.

Job Summary/Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership to the programme team, technical and operational aspects of the programme, including planning and implementation of the programme; ensuring clarity over plans and priorities, and model and facilitate effective teamwork
  • Provide technical and managerial leadership, including overseeing the implementation of the programme in an adaptive manner.
  • Lead on collaboration with other programme components and/ or the wider consortium
  • Oversee the development and implementation of adaptive program work plans and strategies aligned with donor and government priorities.
  • Collaborate with partner organisations (both public and private), FCDO representatives at the British High Commission Lusaka, and other FCDO/donor-funded projects to achieve the programme’s objectives.
  • Manage relationships with the relevant Zambian Government Ministries and Agencies, including the Presidential Delivery Unit and Statehouse, and other external stakeholders, including Zambian CSOs.
  • Coordinate and be responsible for the preparation of the annual work plans, budgets, and annual and other progress reports, in a timely fashion for submission to FCDO.
  • Oversee development and application of a robust monitoring, evaluation research and learning framework.
  • Ensure high technical standards are used to guide the technical and programmatic aspects of work plans and activities in a politically smart and adaptive way.
  • Ensure that robust and appropriate safeguarding procedures are in place and applied across the programme.
  • Plan, direct, and coordinate activities with team members to ensure that goals and objectives are accomplished within prescribed time frame and funding parameters.
  • Ensure programme is planned and delivered in a way that will optimise value for money.
  • Establish programme teams and standard operating procedures to meet project goals and ensure compliance with policies.
  • Responsible for induction of programme staff, ensuring their familiarity with mandate values, quality standards, policies and program objectives and their individual responsibilities in upholding these standards and policies.

Required Experience:

  • At least 12 years of relevant experience.
  • Internationally competitive senior expertise as Team Leader or Chief of Party in the leadership, strategy development, and delivery of donor-funded governance programmes (both supply and demand sides) in Zambia (preferred) or elsewhere in Africa (essential).
  • Excellent communication skills, and demonstrated ability to think critically and deliver results.
  • Proven experience necessary to build strong, senior level relationships with Government in Zambia and be seen as a respected and fair broker. Strong relationships with civil society and media preferred.
  • Knowledge and experience of working in Zambia or southern Africa is preferred.

Relevant expertise in:

  • Leadership and management of large and complex governance programmes with a specific focus on adaptive management of public sector governance and democratic reform as well as civil society and media. Experience of FCDO programming preferred.
  • Inclusive and effective management of large teams of senior staff from a diverse group of backgrounds.
  • Maintaining a high level strategic and managerial oversight of sophisticated governance programmes, ensuring that the correct people, resources, and processes are in place to drive efficient, effective delivery
  • Making difficult management decisions to improve the impact of Official Development Assistance (ODA), including moving or replacing staff and closing down underperforming activity and grants;
  • Understanding and interpreting the FCDO and wider UK Government’s latest political and policy requirements and working proactively with FCDO staff to ensure ODA programmes make a substantial and visible contribution to these.
  • Experience in thinking and working politically, coaching teams to identify how political, group, and individual incentives act to drive or block change, and forming effective, professional partnerships with key collaborators with power and capacity to progress issues.

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree or comparable level of professional experience in public administration, international development, or related field. Masters, Ph.D. or Ed.D. preferred.
  • Ability to work and communicate effectively in English.

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