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Right to Care

Job Description

To support, at facility level, the clinicians and the patient administration processes with the objective to recruit patients to the CDU Program, according to selection criteria as communicated by the CDU Manager from time to time

  • Ensure patients understand the CDU program and benefits to them
  • Ensure patients understand the process and criteria to use the CDU program
  • Provide supporting materials to patients in assisting the recruitment process.
  • Ensure that supporting materials are in sufficient quantities at the facility and ordering of materials where needed.
  • Keep a log to account for distribution of marketing material and other promotional items
  • Patients that understand the CDU program.
  • Increased referral of patients to the CDU program from referral facilities.
  • Ensure that patients identified as eligible by clinicians receive their appointment dates for next collection
  • Source and sort potential patient files at each facility and channel towards clinicians
  • Support consenting patients to use CDU program
  • Ensure patient understands the pick-up cycle
  • Handle additional patient queries
  • Escalate problems through appropriate channels
  • A seamless and smooth process for enrollment of patients
  • Buy-in and positive feedback from site staff and clinicians
  • Increased referral of patients to the CDU program
  • Liaise with site staff and call centre in tracking and following up with enrolled patients
  • Support the process of co-coordinating and preparing scripts that need to be sent for capturing
  • Manage rejected scripts on behalf of CDU and liaise with facilities and call centre to provide reasons for rejection.
  • Communicating with automated sites, CDU and other relevant partners to ensure patients are serviced optimally
  • Support the Site Supervisor in collecting data and compiling relevant reports
  • Support any research activities conducted
  • High quality data to inform reports.
  • Improved efficiency in script delivery for capturing
About the Organization

Right to Care (RTC) is a non-profit company with a vision that all HIV-positive patients receive high quality treatment, care and support, improving their quality of life and productivity in South Africa and other African Countries.The EQUIP Consortium is led by Right to Care (RTC) in collaboration with four other Africa based Partners. The EQUIP Consortium provides countries with innovative and customized solutions that increase HIV testing and linkage to care, widens the coverage of ART, expands capacity for viral load monitoring and improves retention of patients on ART. With the support of USAID, EQUIP is designed to provide rapid responses to the needs of high-priority PEPFAR countries.

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