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Program Manager – Tree of Life

Family Legacy Missions Zambia (FLMZ) is a Faith based organization that upholds Christian values and morals in the education of the orphaned and vulnerable children it serves.

The Program Manger Tree of Life (PM-TOL) functions in a cross disciplinary role to ensure clients and staff alike are cared for, led and can function in a safe, up-lifting and productive environment. The incumbent sets a collaborative programmatic vision for and inculcating into staff the holistic care of children – intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The vision in leading this department is to provide increased holistic and individualized support to high-risk children until reintegration.

The PM-TOL should have a heart for child and adolescent youth ministry, an extensive background in Christian residential care, and the ability to oversee and build teams dedicated to the high-level, individualized care of our those we serve. The setting will require significant coaching of staff and the ability to provide and communicate program oversight. Key qualities that will be sought in the PM-TOL include humility, leadership, positive attitude, and a devotion to shepherding children. This position runs at a fast pace and requires around-the-clock dedication.

Specific Tasks

1.       People Management

  • To oversee, manage, and coach Tree of Life Deputy Program Managers and other department heads as indicated
  • To listen to staff concerns and needs and provide feedback at an appropriate time to HR, direct supervisors, and/or other peer managers.
  • To mediate conflict resolution among direct reports as needed
  • To assign responsibilities including, to delegate effectively, to subordinates on all administrative, logistical, and other overall programmatic assignments. when needed
  • To advocate for and to ensure the safety and protection of children at the TOL when reporting child protection or other sensitive issues
  • To facilitate and lead meetings and trainings in collaboration with direct reports and cross disciplinary teams at stipulated intervals as required by the policies of the organization.
  • To attend regularly scheduled meetings with supervisor and assigned meetings with the leadership team
  •  To manage work performance and conduct appraisals for direct reports at agreed intervals
  • To ensure direct reports are doing the same
  • To oversee individual performance improvement and achievement of professional goals for all direct reports.
  • To solicit and give appropriate feedback to staff to encourage development of strengths and address areas of growth

2.      Leadership Responsibilities

  •  To execute the Family Legacy-approved strategic plan for residential services
  • To cascade (communicate and facilitate) strategic vision with direct reports
  • To supervise day-to-day programmatic operations of TOL
  • To ensure governmental compliance for residential service.
  • To quarterback (lead & coordinate) multidisciplinary process for residential interventions
  • To develop, track, and evaluate short- and long-term goals/targets in line with the organization’s strategic plan

i.     To develop key performance indicators

ii.     To track KPIs over time

iii.     To make changes to programming to improve outcomes, based on ongoing evaluation

  • To propose, develop, and evaluate effectiveness of policies to strengthen and address various programs and initiatives at TOL.
  • To consult with supervisors and subordinates in decision making
  • To build capacity among teammates in problem solving and job execution to mitigate programmatic disruption
  • To create a culture that promotes good values among students and staff as required by ministry policies
  • To identify and pursue opportunities for continual personal growth and improvement
  • To build partnerships with relevant line ministries and external organizations/communities where we operate
  • To oversee critical elements of programmatic operation as needed, e.g., high-level disciplinary hearings, critical TOL messaging
  • To ensure proper intake and reintegration of children between TOL and communities, including active cooperation with GRZ Department of Social Welfare, FL Department of Social Services, and the many TOL departments (i.e., multidisciplinary team)

3.      Communication

  • To communicate and to facilitate clear communication
  • To engage in effective intra- and interdepartmental communication
  • To interpret the policies and overall ministry goals of the organization for subordinates to ensure proper adherence (e.g., Child Protection Policy, Strat Ops plan, government compliance as it relates to the department, etc).
  • To provide an annual summary letter for each child in residence
  •  To generate quarterly and as needed departmental reports
  • To communicate these observations and make recommendations from these reports to supervisor
  • To communicate and advocate the principles and language of “Nurturing the Hearts of Children” are intentionally being produced in all aspects of the village
  • To provide timely updates on changes in government policies or regulations as it relates to compliance with appropriate government ministries
  • To keep ensure sponsorship department, family members, and all other stakeholders are kept apprised of a child’s progress, as per policies

4.      Records Management and Financial Responsibility

  • To create and recommend the Tree of Life annual budget prior to October of each year
  • To implement and track the yearly approved Tree of Life budget
  • To ensure collaboration with other line managers and appropriate staff in devising and maintaining a system of records and reports to keep the Dallas office/database and caretakers informed of relevant student information
  • To keep up-to-date, high-level data reflecting each child’s welfare and high-level village statistics to improve compliance and communication with social welfare recommendations

Personal Attributes:

  • Demonstrate commitment to FL mission, vision, and values.
  • Share knowledge and experience.
  •  Actively work towards continuing personal learning and development and apply newly acquired skills.
  • Consistently approach work with energy and positive constructive attitude.
  • Remain calm, in control and good humored even under pressure.
  • Respond positively to critical feedback and demonstrate a teachable attitude.
  • Demonstrate ability to competently manage several projects at one time.
  • Demonstrate openness to change and ability to manage complexities.
  • Solicits feedback from co-workers about the impact of his/her behavior.


  • Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency in MS Software platforms and general competency on technology and smart communications.
  • Strong organizational, administrational, communication, public relations and interpersonal skills.
  • Problem solving and planning skills.
  • Ability to build work flow processes, evaluate their effectiveness, and implement needed change to increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Must have Valid driver’s license.
  • Able to provide a reassuring background check and multiple personal references affirming competency with direct contact with children

Academic and Professional Requirements:

  • Master’s level degree in Management, Child or Adolescent Development, Social Work, Organizational Leadership, or related fields
  • 5+ years’ experience in a similar role, including at least 2 years’ experience in direct residential child care work

Application Process:

Follow the link here  and complete the application process by sending your CV and qualifications clearly labeling the position applied for in the subject line to

Closing Date: 30th September 2022

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