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Right to Care - Equip Zambia

About the Organization

Right to Care (RTC) is a non-profit company with a vision that all HIV-positive patients receive high quality treatment, care and support, improving their quality of life and productivity in South Africa and other African Countries.

The EQUIP Consortium is led by Right to Care (RTC) in collaboration with four other Africa based Partners. The EQUIP Consortium provides countries with innovative and customized solutions that increase HIV testing and linkage to care, widens the coverage of ART, expands capacity for viral load monitoring and improves retention of patients on ART. With the support of USAID, EQUIP is designed to provide rapid responses to the needs of high-priority PEPFAR countries.

Job Description

To conduct counselling supervision; ensure supervisee or lay counsellor is addressing the needs of clients and also Providing emotional support to the supervisee.

  • Using the professional experience to lead the supervisee in exploring alternative interventions, perceptions and avenues of viewing the clients presenting concerns
  • Directs the supervisee to address otherwise unattended to issues, e.g feelings, cognition and experiencing, including transference aspects.
  • Mentoring the supervisee
  • Provides advice in a supportive and constructive way to enhance efficiency and proficiency
  •  Helps supervisee view the same client in a different perspective, fresh set of understanding and perception
  • Links the supervisees concerns about clients in a detached fashion
  • Helps supervisee to perform counselling work professionally.
  • Helps the supervisee remain focused in her counselling work
  • Promote an understanding of the underlying issues in the counsellor-client relationship
  • Helps the supervisee gain insight into her work, her effectiveness, or limitations.
  • Supervisee acts as catalyst in the supervision process
  • Enables the supervisee to explore various dimensions of her counselling work with clients
  • Ensure data is Entered into the daily register each patient counselled i. e. their age, gender etc.

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