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Job Description

Overall Job Purpose

The position exists to produce detailed and comprehensive Plans/Schedules of work orders for planned, routine, equipment overhaul, shutdown maintenance work and minor capital projects, providing an efficient and effective in-house work order planning service for key stakeholders.

The Planner must also be actively involved in developing, implementing and reviewing equipment maintenance strategies, Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) tactics and defect elimination projects in order to improve equipment reliability and asset integrity of the TSF & Dams to high-class standards.

Specific Job Responsibility

The specific tasks to be performed by the position holder will include;


  • Liaise with work request originators, Maintenance and Operations Supervisors and staff onsite inspections of planned work activities to ensure that work orders accurately reflect the specific actions necessary to complete the task effectively. Includes ensuring work order contain all resources, materials, tool lists, drawings, photographs, special instructions and steps detailed to the point that a competent artisan can carry out the work. Any other tasks as may be delegated upon by the supervisor.
  • Actively participate in Reliability improvement programs and root cause failure analysis process of TSF & all Water Dams equipment as per requirements
  • Develops analysis methods to determine maintenance demands and reliability of components, equipment and processes
  • Conducts an analysis from a reliability approach of resources required for a particular situation on a case by case basis with consideration given to cost limitations.


  • Create weekly and monthly maintenance schedules
  • Ensuring schedules are in line with plant production requirements. This should be made possible by having meetings with all stakeholders prior to signing off the schedule with operational team.
  • Compliance to the Work Management Process in respect to planning and scheduling work orders within the required timeframe.
  • Provide relevant and good quality attachments for work packs to the team members which may include but not limited to JHA’s, SOP’s, SWI’s etc. This includes the updating of any of these documents to ensure they are kept relevant and reflect “best practice”


  • Track schedule and shutdown progress

Review and improve PM’s

  • Develop and execute PMO Project “Preventive Maintenance Optimisation” to keep the execution Preventive Maintenance program up to date.
  • Work closely with stakeholders and work execution teams to understand and improve issues related to work instructions.
  • Analyze the performance of the PM’s and their relevance with regards to preventing failure as per conclusions of root cause analysis.

Parts Management

  • Obtain part description, quotes and complete ANSI for all new spare parts.
  • Liaise with warehouse personnel during planning to ensure timely ordering and delivery of parts.

Equipment Strategies

  • Develop and maintain the equipment strategies workflow process.
  • Identify the most suitable approach to implement equipment strategies.
  • Ensure equipment strategies are updated based on outcomes of failure investigations where appropriate.
  • Monitor equipment performance on asset health system and take proactive measures to address symptoms of potential failure.
  • Develop and maintain criticality assessments for the TSF & Water dams.

Continuous improvement

  • Assist in the preparation of technical procedures, work instructions, equipment and systems evaluations.
  • Evaluate differences between actual work performance and work instruction estimates. Use this information to improve the quality and accuracy of planned work orders.

Defect Elimination and Bad Actor Management

  • Develop and maintain a strategic plan for defect elimination and managing bad actors.
  • Develop and support personnel in usage of Reliability based methodology, bad actor identification and maintenance KPI’s monitoring.

KPI’s and Technical Advice

  • Prepare weekly and monthly Maintenance Department reports on section activities.
  • Train and assist Maintenance Supervisors in effectively and efficiently completing Pronto transactions.

Contribute to the management of Health and Safety by;

  • Ensuring that maintenance plans include all necessary safety notifications required to complete the task including but not limited to ensuring that maintenance plans include relevant up to date SOP’s where they are developed and available.
  • Contributing to the identification of the significant Health and safety risks of the TSF & Dams.
  • Ensuring that health and safety training is completed as required.
  • Ensuring that incidents related to health, safety or the environment are reported and assist in investigations to identify any additional controls required.
  • Attend regular safety meetings
  • Actively promote continuous improvement in safety performance throughout the workforce

Job Specific Competencies

  • Competency on predictive maintenance techniques, such as: oil analysis, vibration analysis, NDT, thermography, health monitoring, etc.
  • Able to set direction and monitor performance of subordinates.
  • Must be computer literate i.e., MS Word, Excel, Outlook, MS Project.
  • Good organiser and efficient resource allocator, skilfully handles formal procedures and informal processes with a high level of attention to detail.

Key Job Attributes

  • Have good communication skills in the English language with an emphasis on writing skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work unsupervised and achieve required operational outputs. Must be self-driven.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to interact with people at all levels and across a variety of cultures, both internally and externally, with positive effect.
  • Good organiser and efficient resource allocator, skilfully handles formal procedures and informal processes with a high level of attention to detail.

Experience Required

  • At least 5 years’ maintenance engineering experience in the mining/mineral processing industry.
  • Proficiency with maintenance and reliability systems (ERP or CMMS, monitoring systems; SCADA, OsiSoft PI and/or databases in general).
  • Experience in fixed plant facilities.
  • Previous experience with RCM, FMEA, MTA or any other equipment strategy identification methodology.
  • Experience with RCA, contamination control and/or maintenance KPI’s development


  • Full Grade 12 Certificate
  • Engineering Bachelor’s degree preferably in Mechanical/Electrical with reliability engineering experience or proven significant on the job training in the field.
  • Master’s degree in engineering and professional courses will an added advantage.

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