Payment Specialist

FNB Zambia

Payment Specialist – IRC211276

at Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia in FNB Zambia Operations
Ends 18 Dec 2021


To outline a structure for the Payments function in the FNB subsidiaries. The role is considered an operational function and requires the person to be the industry representative on behalf of FNB, with a focus on improving processes, attending to regulatory issues, and engaging in research.

Experience and qualifications

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree in a relevant field.
  • Required experience: Project management; Payments; Billing and Industry knowledge, Telecommunications and National Financial Switch.
  • Desirable and required certification: Basic IT Audit; Accounting, Collaboration and Project certifications.


  • Ensure Green Audits in the Areas (minimize Audit Findings) and prevent repeat findings in the payments space.
  • Ensure full process mapping coverage in all Payment streams.
  • Apply Process Measurements in the various payments areas and continually monitor process performance to identify gaps and opportunities to improve.
  • Apply Project Management discipline in the delivery of Payments Related projects.
  • Ensure that FNB is protected from any adverse Regulatory issues in the Payments Space.
  • Coordinate and support the attendance of FNB representatives at industry meetings.
  • Provide input and where appropriate sign-off on payments related industry documents e.g.: constitutions, PCH agreements, rules, service level agreements, industry forum budgets, industry resolutions, user notices, project charters, position papers, and pricing models.
  • Innovative in approach and think creatively.
  • Bring new ideas to resolving problems.
  • Provide support at proof of concept stage on payments related projects.
  • Support the development of business cases on payments related projects.
  • Co-ordinate special projects that are relate to the National Payment System (NPS) or other industry initiatives.
  • Set up and chair an internal communication network for payments related matters – the Payments Forum.
  • Ensure that internal stakeholders are up-to-update on relevant payments matters.
  • Support and represent FNB at industry forums on FNB payments positions (SIRESS, SWIFT, BOZ, NFS ATM/POS, Mobile, etc.)
    iv. Participate in internal committees, for example OPSCO and any others where payment systems are impacted.
  • Ensure regular reports and communication with the FNB Teams and provide support as required to the FNB.
  • To ensure that the industry or regulator is provided with a single FNB view on payments related matters, the Payments function is the entry or exit point for external communication related to payments, specifically with respect to projects, regulatory and payments enquiries.
  • Engagement with regulators to influence payments related matters should be supported and coordinated by Payments function.
  • Address intra and inter-bank issues within payment initiation, clearing and settlement processes.
    Communicate to FNB Zambia senior management and wider business on high-impact system incidents.
  • Achieve Cost Efficiencies through optimisation of payment streams processes, channels and systems.
  • Participate in internal committees, for example OPSCO and any others where payment systems are impacted
  • Address intra and inter-bank issues within payment initiation, clearing and settlement processes.
  • Increase Revenue from the various payment streams – identify potential revenue generating opportunities in the payments arena and drive execution of such initiatives.
  • Ensure that all payment related projects are supported by either Business Cases or Technical Support.
  • Provide bespoke research when required.
  • Consider new payments related business models that could contribute to the growth or efficiency of the business.
  • Build relationships or networking opportunities via other forums such as payments related conferences to enhance FNB as a brand.
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