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Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL)

Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) is a national Railway of Zambia. The Company specialises in transporting heavy cargo in the Southern African Development Community (SADC), as well as running a local passenger train service. The area of product specialization is freight-bulk cargo and passenger rail services to the satisfaction of all Stakeholders. The Company therefore seeks the services of a committed, vibrant, innovative, and strategically focused and business oriented Zambian national to fill the vacant positions below of:





To secure the availability of approved land survey diagrams, site plans and title deeds for all ZRL property in the regions ensuring that the valuation of all such fixed assets are up to date.


  • Undertake client register and property audits.
  • Participate in updating and maintaining property register.
  • Ensure effective and prompt screening of prospective tenants before lease offers are granted.
  • Ensure all lease agreements are signed with clients and check updated valuation certificates.
  • Check that all ZRL properties have approved survey diagrams and site plans.
  • Management and maintenance of property and keep record of maintenance works.
  • Provide accurate reports on the performance of property.
  • Recommend to the supervisor strategies and policies in line with the existing or forecasted business environment. Ensure adherence to all safety protocols and guidelines.
  • Intensity effective debt collection and promptly increase rental revenue generation.
  • Participate in the full commercialization of real estate.
  • Ensure invoices from statutory bodies are promptly collected, scrutinized, and dispatched to headquarters for payment.
  • Update of all service charges to generate correct revenue and conduct rental rates benchmark.
  • Management of clients.
  • participate in the engagement of partnerships with clients for renovation works of old structures.
  • Promptly report all disputes and encroachments to the Supervisor and protect all ZRL reserved land and property.
  • Provide requested information to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensure compliance to Governing laws.
  • Develop and recommend new and efficient business models.
  • Create an environment for departmental innovations.


  • Commercial and business acumen.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills.
  • Technical skills
  • Numerical Analytical and Financial skills.
  • Innovative.
  • Critical thinking and Problem solving.
  • Knowledge of rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Performance and appraisal knowledge.
  • Team building.
  • Talent management.
  • Leadership and Supervisory skills.


  • Full grade 12 certificate (5 O’ levels) with credit or better in Mathematics and English Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate/Land Economics or equivalent.
  • Masters degree is an added advantage.
  • At least 3 years’ experience in Real Estates.
  • Membership to a relevant professional body is a must.






To provide legal guidance, advise and legal representation of the company in all legal issues including representing the company in litigation by and against the company in courts of law. Judicial and quasi-Judicial bodies efficiently and effectively.


This is a Senior Management position in Salary Grade RM 3 in the structure of the Company reporting to the Company Secretary.


  • Practical drafting, analysis, and synthesis of legal documents.
  • Ensure the Company operates within a proper legal framework and is safeguarded against risks.
  • Settlement of cases in court against ZRL.
  • Supervision of external Lawyers handling cases for and on behalf of ZRL.
  • Ensure the Company is in compliance with all governing laws and regulations.
  • Participate in ensuring prompt submission of Board papers.
  • Ensure signed lease agreements with all clients.
  • Participate in the development of rental rates policy and guidelines for conflict management.
  • Conduct legal research and provide technical expertise and advice on all legal and real estate matters.
  • Adherence to all safety protocols and guidelines.
  • Adherence to all statutory laws and regulations, protocols, and guidelines.


  • Full grade 12 certificate (5 ‘0’ levels) with credit or better in Mathematics and English
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law
  • Advocate of the High Court
  • Masters degree is an added advantage.
  • At least 5 years’ experience in a senior management position.
  • Membership to a relevant professional body (LAZ).




To plan, organize, direct, coordinate and control all aspects of personnel, human resource, employee and industrial relations as well as administrative matters.


The role is accountable to the Managing Director for the provision of an effective and efficient direction of the following functions:

1) Personnel. Human Resource, Administration, employee and industrial Relations services
2) Training and development Services

The job holder is responsible for ensuring the development, formulation and complete implementation of policies, procedures, objectives pertaining to the directorate for the efficient and effective conduct of the company’s business in this regard, and in keeping in tune the national economy and the aims and objectives of the company.

Working within broad policy parameters, the job holder:

  • Will advise and inform the MD and the Executive Committee of all the existing procedures, practices and policies in all functions that come under his/her control or jurisdiction. He/she takes responsibility for any policy changes that are introduced for implementation.
  • Directs, controls and co-ordinates the directorate’s activities through provision of guidelines, decisions and directives as appropriate to ensure consistent implementation and administration of company aims and objectives
  • Ensures that major policies in the directorate such as the Collective Agreement, the establishment compared to activities. recruitment procedures.
  • Discipline code and procedures, Job Analysis, and evaluation, job history, record keeping and Training and development are observed and implemented.
  • Approved inputs to departmental budgets under his/her control and directs implementation of the same to ensure control by adhering to stipulated budgetary limits
  • Chairs various directorial subcommittees such as Disciplinary appeals advisory. Motor vehicle accidents occurrence and ensure that the investigations and procedures prescribed are followed.
  • Co-ordinates activities of local and foreign technical/administrative consultants, undertaking studies, services contracts relating to training and development, recruitment and advancement of company employees.
  • Attends board. Executive Committee, management Committee, regional liaison Committee meetings and many other adhoc meetings which may be called up by management. He also attends on behalf of the company the Board meetings of the Zambia Federation of Employers.
  • Ensures that all Training needs of the company are identified and executed either through the company Training School or any other institution locally or abroad. Also ensures that the company Training institution is properly manned and run through the Head Training and Development


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management or its equivalent in any of the social sciences with a postgraduate/Masters degree in a relevant field.
  • Atleast 10 years experience
  • Membership to a professional body is a must.


  • Manpower planning and Human Resource management-ensures the total organization establishment is in line with the strategic corporate business plan and that the company’s human resource is optimally utilized to realize the organizational objectives efficiently and effectively.
  • Employee Training and Development through the Head Training and Development, ensures that all employees have adequate skill, expertise, knowledge and experience short of which correction is made through training locally and abroad.
  • Industrial Relations ensuring a harmonious industrial and employee relation in the company through proper discharge of discipline, administration of the Collective agreement and provision of advice and ensuring adherence to policies and procedures by all Directorates in the company.
  • Kabwe Warriors Football Club by ensuring that there is adequate personnel (good players) to meet and even surpass the demands to remain the best team in the Zambian Football League thereby bringing a positive Corporate Social Responsibility picture.
  • Administration-ensures proper management of company vehicles, office premises, employee health and safety and record keeping.
  • Directorate planning and control-manages all activities in the directorate and ensures adherence to budgetary activities and limits.






To direct, co-ordinate and control activities and functions in the technical services department in an efficient manner to sustain the company’s operations.


The role is answerable to the Managing Director for the efficient and effective management of the mechanical/electrical. signal and telecoms, infrastructure and civil works activities. As the job holder, you will:

  • Will plan, organize, direct, manage, coordinate and control the directorate’s activities comprising mechanical/electrical. signals and telecoms, infrastructure and civil works engineering through sectional heads
  • Advise the Managing Director, the Executive Management Committee and the Board of Directors on all matters in your directorate.
  • Devise and recommend with valid reasons new and/or revised policy guidelines on ralling stock rehabilitation and maintenance, railway operating and signalling systems and rail track rehabilitation and maintenance, and civil works which factors are so critical to the achievement of the company’s overall objectives.
  • Approve specifications for all materials/spares and models/types of equipment to be procured and ensure procurement of the same for rehabilitation, upgrade and routine maintenance of the various machinery and equipment under your responsibility. Further, Recommends writing off/scrapping of equipment to the Board through the Executive Management Committee and approves recommendations to tender board involving your directorate,
  • Consolidate and approve your directorate’s proposed budget and closely monitor its implementation so as to keep expenditure within budgetary limits after its approval by the Management Executive Committee ratified by the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure undertaking of acceptable maintenance standards to all carriage and wagons. Signals and telecoms equipment. infrastructure and civil works to enhance availability and reliability of all locomotives and rolling stock, signaling system and infrastructure vital to the smooth, effective, efficient and satisfactory operations of the company through maximization of the carrying and passage capacities
  • Coordinate/oversee all mechanical/electrical. Signals and telecoms, track and civil works projects and plan their execution and monitor closely their operations for prompt/timely completion for control of expenditure thereof
  • Spear heard all directorial performance reviews and initiate corrective actions where deviations from set objectives in comparison with the actual performance of duties and responsibilities are noted so as to bring performance to expected standards and/or exceeding levels to achieve the set directorial goals and objectives derived from the overall organizational objectives,
  • Attend all company’s policy making/formulation committee meetings of management and Board levels and you shall be the chief advisor on all mechanical/electrical, signals and telecoms, infrastructure and civil works matters.
  • Maintain a record of rolling stock and ensure that the same is timely recalled for routine/periodical maintenance and/or overhaul to avoid disruptions of operations and reduce failures enroute.
  • Ensure that the quality of repairs to roiling stock both in the workshops and at locomotive sheds are of international standards and thereby reduce on interchange costs.


A). At least a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mechanical/ Electrical Engineering with a post-graduate qualification in a field of railway operations
B) At least Five Years Experience at Director level or at least Seven Years experience at Manager Technical level
C)  Membership to a professional body is must


1) Planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling of the directorate’s activities to ensure smooth operations in liaison with all the other Directorates
2) Maintenance of locomotives and all rolling stock, signals and telecoms systems and infrastructure to ensure availability of the same whenever need arises so as to contribute positively to the profitability of the company
a. Availability of the requisite materials/spares for locomotives and rolling stock, signals and telecoms and infrastructure for their constant sustenance.
3) Policy updates and advise on axle loads, wagon capacity and length, signals and telecoms systems and infrastructure critical to the profitability of the organization
4) Budgeting, planning, controlling and management to ensure expenses are within the thresholds while ensuring that critical materials/spares and equipment are secured on time.
5)  Directorial plan, management and control to ensure performance of activities in the directorate is within acceptable standards if not exceeding and initiating corrective measures in case of deviations thereof and giving of timely reports to management for decision making and control.





To plan, direct, control and coordinate the traffic/operations function of the organization in order to provide a fast, reliable and efficient freight and passenger service to the public thereby aiding accomplishment of the desired organizational goals/objectives.


The role is accountable to the Managing Director for the efficient and effective operation of all train services. Further, it is accountable for the implementation of traffic rules and regulations and, working under board parameters, as the job holder, you will:

  • Inform and advise the MD and the Executive Committee of the existing train timetable and the overall directorial activities against the set timetable. You will also inform and advise on the tonnage hauled taking into consideration the conditions of the track. speed limitation/restriction. locomotive and wagon availability.
  • Recommend to the Executive Committee possible tonnage and number of passengers that can be carried during a budget period after considering conditions of the track in terms of speed restrictions locomotive availability, wagon availability, conditions of signal system and possible traffic offerings from customers done in liaison with the marketing directorate.
  • Will ensure minimum transit time, careful handling of traffic and ensuring safety for traffic in transit.
  • Direct movement of trains so that they move as per approved lime table and ensuring that any delay or cancellation of services is properly explained and justified.
  • Analyse performance of directorate, reports on locomotive power and wagon fleet utilization and availability and initiates strategies for the efficient and effective exploitation of same to achieve stipulated traffic targets.
  • Direct restoration exercises to major traffic accidents, involving total line blockade, act on recommendations aimed at justifying change in regulations/procedures to forestall prospects of accident recurrence.
  • Advise management on all traffic issues and problems and decides route priorities in terms of company profitability and equitable traffic targets.
  • Recommend to management any new methods of handling traffic which has come on the market such as container handling so that when buying new wagons or handling equipment. these new developments can be
  • Direct the review and implementation of time tables, operating traffic rules, regulations and procedures aimed at minimizing train delays to ensure that the company operates within acceptable, competitive and profitable margins.
  • Be on standby during Board meetings, attend Management Executive Committee meetings and/or any other ad hoc meeting which may be called with regard to train traffic management.
  • Coordinate the operations activities of the SARA at the SARA membership level for all Corridors
  • Coordinate and supervise the activities of railway representatives and consultants in NRZ, TFR, Tanzania, Malawi Mozambique and Congo


  • Bachelor’s degree in Transportation. Business and Marketing. Transport Economics with a postgraduate/master degree in a relevant field.
  • At least 10 years railway experience
  • Membership to a professional body is a must.


  • Smooth freight and passenger operations-ensuring set train time tables to help the company meet its set fonnage, minimize transit time through careful handling of traffic after considering speed restrictions, signaling systems, conditions of the track and customer offers.
  • Availability of locomotives and wagons for the tonnage to be carried at given times.
  • Directorate planning and management to ensure adherence to set time tables, tonnage targets, budget allocations and that subordinates skills are adequate for continuous train operations.

Applicants who meet the respective stated qualifications and experience should submit their applications with detailed curriculum vitae with certified copies of their academic and professional qualifications including details of three (3) traceable referees and their contact numbers not later than 17:00hrs on Wednesday 19 June, 2024 to: to both email addresses &

Women are encouraged to apply

Applications must be addressed to:

Director Human Resource and Administration
Zambia Railways Limited
1 Floor Shitima House
P. O Box 80935

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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