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Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS)


The Organization

Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) is a registered Non-Governmental Organization under the Societies Act Section 7 (1) under the Laws of Zambia. ZOCS is a vibrant and flagship organization of Community Schools since 1992 in Zambia that empowers communities to provide quality basic education to 224,847 learners (112,433 Boys and 112,414 Girls) in 1285 demonstration open community schools across 97 selected districts in all the 10 provinces of Zambia.

The pillars on which ZOCS builds its approach are those of enhanced educational opportunities for children through education policy engagement, increased community capacity to provide such opportunities and ensuring more and better education for more children in communities.

ZOCS is about open, accessible schools for disadvantaged children and communities, and these take priority over everything else.

ZOCS is inviting applications for the following positions:

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Key Accountabilities

  • Strategy – To support the ZOCS programme strategy that embodies the values, vision, mission and objectives and ensure it is being delivered in all areas of the organization’s work, with new and existing partners.
  • Impact – To ensure that the ZOCS programme team is making significant positive impact for various target groups through delivery of high quality projects and ensuring that the processes of planning, implementation as well as monitoring, evaluation and learning, are robust.
  • Finance and Administration – To ensure that the financial management of the organization is accountable and transparent at every level, and that all staff are fully aware and able to comply with the relevant Finance and Administrative Policies.

Primary responsibilities

1. Leadership Key Deliverable: Demonstrable and inspiring leadership in promoting the values, the vision and mission of ZOCS

2. Demonstrate clearly a personal drive for ensuring ‘No Child is Left Behind’ and lead by example in representing the organizational values, mission, vision and goals.

3. Lead the delivery of ZOCS’s Programme Strategy

4. Lead Project teams in agreeing on the modalities for Programming, Finance and Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning on each project.

5. Prioritize engagement of stakeholders to ensure efficiency in the delivery of projects

6. Lead the ZOCS programme in all work activities ensuring the engagement of all stakeholders and Increase the overall income of the organization by securing new funding of projects through in-country and external resource mobilization initiatives.

7. Identify technical capacity gaps, and take action to fill them wherever possible through training or recruitment.

8. Establish, develop and maintain excellent working relationships with the Government, and other key stakeholders identified.

9. Establish and maintain key partnerships with donors

Programme Management

1. Strong project management systems for planning, delivering and evaluating projects for clearly measurable impact.

2. Ensure that robust systems of planning and delivering projects are in place and implemented, from design and inception to delivery and evaluation.

3. Ensure that project performance is monitored regularly and compared to targets, deliverables, and budgets.

4. Ensure that the planning, delivery and evaluation of projects complies with donor expectations and the terms of donor contracts, and that reporting to donors is of the highest standard

5. Ensure that project monitoring data is regularly reviewed at Programme meetings by relevant project staff, that learning from the data is maximized, and changes are made accordingly to project implementation strategies to increase impact

6. Ensure that impact is effectively evaluated and measured to the highest standard in all projects on a regular basis,

7. Ensure that ZOCS is able to clearly demonstrate the impact of its work through annual impact assessments, and disseminate its impact and learning to partner organizations, target groups and stakeholders.

8. Using the learning and achievement of projects, develop new project proposals, ensuring that the key stakeholders are involved in the process, along with relevant members of staff.

9. Develop and maintain an organizational culture of learning and reflection leading to changes in programme delivery.

10. Ensure that robust organizational learning processes are in place which capitalize on lessons learned, are communicated effectively and develop the organization’s capacity for making real change in the lives of target beneficiaries.

11. Focus on quality in every area of the work by effectively managing ZOCS internal performance systems such as Budgets, implementation plans, M&E and individual annual performance reviews.

12. Ensure the development of the Annual Work Plan, with budget, for approval by the Board of Governors.

13. Ensure that all project and programme activities adhere to the Zambian regulations and standards, and meet donor requirements.

14. Ensure programmes and projects adequately address cross-cutting issues including gender, disability and HIV and AIDS.

15. Ensure timely submission of quality reports to all partners and stakeholders.

Financial Management

1. Ensure that ZOCS Finance and Administration Policy is adhered to and the Head of Finance is supported to hold all staff accountable for expenditure and financial reporting.

2. In conjunction with Head of Finance, ensure that there is a robust internal control environment and procedures that safeguard staff and the assets of the organization and funding partners, and thus improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the organization.

3. Evaluate and make any necessary changes to the cost base with a view to ensuring the greatest impact and value for money

4. Ensure that established policies and procedures on HR, administration, finance, and programmes are understood by staff, implemented and regularly reviewed.

5. Carry out routine monthly or quarterly spot checks on petty cash, purchase orders, asset registers and other supporting documentation

Human Resource Management

1. Ensure a safe environment and ensure that the ZOCS  programme team is fully staffed with the best people for each post, irrespective of their background or gender.

2. Ensure all key HR policies, such as Child Protection Policy and code of conduct are living documents that are clearly reflected in the day to day work of the organization.

3. Ensure that the Conditions of Service or all the clauses in employment contracts are upheld by all staff, and reviewed on an annual basis.

4. Conduct biannual and annual appraisals based on personal objectives and targets and recommend performance related pay to Management

5. Support individual learning and development plans as a way to foster and encourage talent and new leadership potential throughout the organization.

Minimum Qualifications and Professional Experience

1. Full Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent.

2. Master of Project Management, Master of Education or Masters of Business Administration (MBA) or any other related discipline relevant to the position.

3. Leader with general management experience and with a passion for working in the non-profit/ NGO sector.

4. Experienced working in the area of Education, Sustainable Development or Strategic Project Management positions.

5. Depth of understanding of the opportunities and challenges working in the context of Zambia.

6. Ability to think conceptually using strong analytical skills to identify strategic programmatic interventions in promoting education for all.

7. Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with excellent interpersonal skills.

8. Strong team leadership and management experiences.

9. Willingness to travel (almost 40-50% of the time) to project locations in-country.

Core Values

1. Quality and Excellence

2. Comprehensiveness and Collaboration

3. Accountability and Transparency

4. Empowerment and Transformation

5. Adaptability and Flexibility

6. Equitably and Respect

7. Innovation and Creativity

Main Purpose of the Position

The Head of Finance and Administration is responsible for overall financial management, compliance, grants administration and human resources oversight. The HFA is responsible for ensuring that ZOCS requirements for budget planning, monitoring, and reporting are fully met in a timely manner, and the establishment and management of financial, administrative and human resource systems that support the project. HFA is also responsible for donor compliance mainly for finance and administration. HFA will ultimately be responsible for running the smooth, compliant, efficient, effective and sustainable finance and administrative functions of ZOCS.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Management and Leadership Functions

1. To ensure application of documented policies and procedures for finance and all core operations functions to ensure ongoing efficient, effective support and compliance across the project.

2. To develop, coordinate and implement plans for the control, monitoring and reporting of financial operations to include controllership, treasury and budgets (work plan budgets, operating budgets and overall project budget.

3. To ensure that all financial information is consolidated on time and provided to the ED as appropriate for analysis and dissemination.

4. To provide guidance to and overall supervision of the project finance, grants, human resources, administration, operations (transport, ICT, inventory, safety and security, stores/warehousing) and sub-award teams.

5. To provide regular training and coaching to staff on donor regulations, grant management systems, financial management and HR and administrative procedures.

6. To advise and support the efforts of Managers to ensure that financial implications of programme proposals are fully considered by management and provides a rational approach to reconciling the competing demands of programs for limited resources and to pursue efficient and effective management policies.

7. To take part in the development of ZOCS’ objectives and plans.

8. To review, approve and closely monitor the work plans and objectives of managers who report to him or her; in doing so, assign priorities, delegate authority, provide general guidance on operational issues and on the repercussions of proposed guidelines; follow up on problems and suggest other solutions; review and complete annual performance evaluations of managers and review those of employees under their direct responsibility, while effectively and fairly resolving performance related issues.

Finance Functions

1. To provide the Executive Director with monthly financial reports including overall project budget status (budget tracker), work plan budgets status and ensuring potential issues are identified and addressed.

2. To oversee the timely review, approval and submission of all internal financial reporting requirements, such monthly reports audit report, etc.

3. To review the finance policies and procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

4. To direct the timely and accurate preparation and approval of all donor financial reports in respect to accounting, legal and contractual requirements.

5. To establish and maintain professional banking relations, plan and monitor cash needs ensuring cash flow requirements of the project are met for smooth implementation of project activities.

6. To work closely with Head of Programme to develop and monitor annual work plan budgets, operating budgets and budget updates.

7. To perform final financial reviews of budgets prior to approval and submission to partners and Board of Governors.

Financial Information Systems Support Functions

1. To supervise and direct the development and operations of the key financial systems, such as Microsoft’s MS Dynamics platform, include several tailored interfaces with banks for funds transfers, electronic funds transfers and downloading of transactions for payment and grant administration.

2. To ensure that ZOCS has a corporate financial information strategy.

3. To see that resources are made available for periodic patching, upgrades and maintenance of ZOCS’ financial information systems as a well-maintained financial system is key to the smooth functioning of ZOCS.

4. To ensure that the department has the capabilities of clearly bridging the functional finance and administration operations and the information technology operations.

5. To ensure that the ZOCS users of the financial information systems get the necessary support, including basic training, access (taking into account internal control imperatives), trouble-shooting and advanced training.

6. To ddirect the development, maintenance of financial, and management reports essential to Management and decision-making.

7. To oversee system administration duties such as keeping up-to-date all user access to financial applications, optimising internal controls with a view to minimizing security breaches, cconfiguration of applications according to needs and trouble-shooting reported problems.

8. To review priorities and financial resources required to implement new applications and maintain existing systems (software and reports).

Minimum Qualifications / Professional Experience


  • Full Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent.
  • Full ACCA, ZICA or CIMA accreditation.
  • Degree in Finance, Accounting will be an added advantage


  • Minimum ten (10) years of relevant work experience in a similar role with a reputable organisation, with at least five (5) years of work experience at an NGO.
  • Significant experience in financial monitoring, budget systems, and internal controls.
  • Experience of donor liaison and production of donor reports.
  • Demonstrated experience analysing and interpreting financial data
  • Experience managing and monitoring sub-awards, including international and local partners.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated strong analytical, interpersonal and multi-tasking skills.
  • Excellent leadership skills and demonstrated ability to manage and work effectively in team situations.
  • Proven ability to prepare budgets, contract and sub-contracts and donor financial reports.
  • Demonstrated capacity and prior experience in supervising others as a coach and mentor to train staff and develop financial skills of colleagues.
  • Strong and prior management and supervisory skills with demonstrated experience in the supervision of finance, human resource and administrative staff.
  • Demonstrated experience working independently with minimal supervision, reliably establishing priorities and meeting deadlines.
  • Experience in Project Management essential.
  • Proven experience and knowledge of accounting principles, techniques experience with accounting software packages, such as Pastel, QuickBooks.
  • Advanced proficiency in Word and PowerPoint to develop presentations and Excel to develop moderately complex spreadsheets
  • Active Membership with professional body (ACCA, ZICA, CIMA).
Core Values

1. Commitment to values, mission and vision of the organisation

2. Integrity in all actions

3. Diversity and Inclusion

Main Purpose of the Position

To oversee and lead ZOCS’ Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) Department and its team and to ensure that collected data regularly informs planning and projections, by consistently integrating and implementing MEAL systems are throughout ZOCS’ programme activities. This involves creating, developing, and supporting programme teams to use Monitoring, Evaluation, accountability & Learning (MEAL) systems to collect, aggregate and analyse data including facility and project data as well as research and surveys data, and playing a key role in ensuring that the reporting needs of key stakeholders are met on time. In liaison with the beneficiary accountability focal point (field officers), the Manager shall champion beneficiary accountability within the organisation and work with programme staff to ensure that beneficiary feedback is taken into account at all stages of project design and implementation.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

Management and Strategic Function

1. Provide strategic leadership to the MEAL team to deliver on key objectives.

2. Supervise the MEAL staff, including recruitment, daily management, training, discipline and performance management.

3. Advises Head of Programme and management team on emerging trends, patterns in data, outliers and concerns, as well as evidence base for promising and effective practice in the entire programme.

4. Identify strategies to ensure quality control over the delivery of programmes.

5. Review and oversee MEAL budgets as part of annual planning and quarterly review, and proposal writing.

6. Support in the development and delivery of ZOCS strategic plans and annual implementation work plans.

7. Stay abreast of relevant contextual secondary data in order to support programme learning and adaptation.

8. Responsible for completeness, accuracy and timeliness of data in decision making.

Information Management System Development & Management

1. Work with Information and Technology Officer to develop and standardize survey tools and other data collection forms for monitoring programmes.

2. Support the establishment and management of ZOCS information management system to improve efficiency and enhance uptake of data utilization among Staff and by management.

3. Propose information management solutions for enhanced efficiency through streamlined processes, automation and digitization of M&E tools. Support capacity development of M&E and Programme staff on key IM tools.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System Design and Implementation

1. Define specific M&E processes, procedures, methodologies and tools in line with ZOCS requirements.

2. Lead the development and oversee the roll-out of an organisational monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning system that ensures quality programming and accountability to beneficiaries and donors.

3. Design M&E guidelines and innovative approaches that meet donor requirements.

4. Plan and effectively manage M&E team, activities and budget and ensure timely implementation of all M&E activities through the development of an integrated ZOCS M&E work plan and effective resource management.

5. Oversee the development and management of learning systems and ensure that learning is incorporated across projects and programme activities.

6. Provide technical M&E support to the management team and provide input in the design and evaluation of the ZOCS strategy. Responsible for all survey data collection and planning, analysis, and report writing.

7. Identify and address shortfalls in monitoring, evaluation and information management that could impact on quality program implementation. Train programmes staff on MEAL tools, data collection and basic surveying and sampling techniques.

8. Provide guidance to Head of Programme based on Learning outcomes derived from monitoring, evaluation and research of programme activities.

9. Identify trends and variances in the programme and advise relevant programme staff.

10. Oversee the documentation of programme success stories and good practices

Compliance and Quality Management

1. Participate in quarterly and strategy meetings, and provide input into the design and evaluation of the ZOCS strategy. Lead the development and implementation of a ZOCS quality assurance system.

2. Support the development of donor proposal and reports and guiding on donor compliance during implementation

3. Oversee quality assurance of all field data collection exercises, data management and analysis and develop effective and efficient methods and approaches for data collection and analysis.

4. Routinely undertake data quality control checks through regular field visits and provide feedback and recommendations to relevant parties to improve project implementation.

5. Strengthen data integrity by supporting M&E and Project staff to collect correct, complete and valid data and identify potential breaches in data integrity and application of corrective measures.

6. Support the design of logical frameworks and M&E plans for new proposals and ensure they are aligned to ZOCS and donor M&E guidelines. Advise on the inclusion of M&E resources and activities in new project proposals.

7. Ensure that lessons learned and recommendations related to monitoring, evaluation and accountability are documented, shared and factored in the design of new projects and discussed during periodic program reviews.

Donor Communications and Beneficiary Accountability

1. Work collaboratively and support the Head of Programme in Quality Assurance and Accountability.

2. Work collaboratively and support the role of Focal Point for Beneficiaries Data Annual Reporting.

3. Promote the principles and practices of beneficiary accountability to colleagues in support of the beneficiary accountability focal point, providing training and coaching in beneficiary feedback.

4. Provide support for project managers, with input from field and GSO sector advisors, to develop MEAL elements of donor proposals and reports, including provision of monitoring plans, project data, and reports on progress towards indicators.

Data Management, Analysis and Reporting

1. Lead the development, roll out and implementation of harmonized digital data collection and data management tools to accurately collect, monitor and verify project data and document program activities.

2. Maintain a centralized data management system that enhances accurate data capturing of all projects as well as easy retrieval, extraction and analysis for project teams and management.

3. Establish an inventory of reliable secondary data sources of key statistics to contribute to project design and M&E.


1. Lead annual progress reporting/beneficiary counting and support internal and external reporting.

2. Lead the design of grant specific evaluation approaches and requirements, in collaboration with Management and programme Teams.

3. Coordinate and guide the design of internal and external periodic surveys and evaluations (KPI, needs assessments, rapid assessments, baseline and endline survey, etc.).

4. Coordinate internal and external surveys and lead/support data review and analysis, with a strong emphasis on learning. Identify, elaborate plans for and lead opportunities for action research and impact evaluations.

Minimum Qualifications and Professional Experience


  • Full Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent.
  • University degree in Project Management, Social Science or other related field with a bias towards monitoring and evaluation, from a recognised and reputable higher learning institution.


  • Minimum five (5) years of experience in a similar position at a reputable organisation.
  • Experience in developing log frames.
  • Experience in designing, planning, implementing, analysing and writing reports for research.
  • Experience of training others an added advantage
  • Experience and knowledge in using M&E, data collection and analysis tools and software like DHIS, SPSS, STATA, EPI-INFO and/or SMART –ENA.
  • Experience in reviewing projects and programmes against set indicators and targets.
  • Problem solving ability, excellent communicator, team player, good numerical and report writing skills.
  • Able to develop and maintain effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Good management and coordination skills.

Core Values

1. Commitment to values, mission and vision of the organisation

2. Integrity in all actions

3. Diversity and Inclusion

Main Purpose of the Position

This position will be responsible for coordinating and implementing ZOCS resource mobilisation strategy (fundraising, income generating activities and projects). The job will also be responsible for managing the development, planning and implementation of business development services vital to the successful function of identified social enterprise ventures

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1. Develop business development programmes procedures, process, strategy and policy.

2. Manage business development activities.

3. Participate in the evaluation and selection of concept paper, proposals and business plans.

4. Undertake monitoring and evaluation activities pertaining to the activities of the Business Development Unit.

5. Support and manage the development and implementation of social enterprise ventures.

6. Support and manage the development and implementation of database for existing and potential donors.

7. Support the processes of proposal writing and research aimed at mapping prospective donors and initiating new funding partnerships.

8. Research, identify and manage small donations from trusts, foundations, Institutional funders, governments and corporate and private sectors and individuals.

9. Prepare and implement a proposal tracking and reporting system.

10. Collaborate with the Media and Communications team in order to increase public exposure of the organisation.

11. Attract, build and develop relationships with new and existing corporate donors to secure long term and increase funding across    wide-range of target markets.

12. Assist in monitoring the performance of the partnership agreements and ensure timely response to donor requests throughout the contract period.

13. Maintain and update database of fundraising contacts.

14. Represent ZOCS at relevant partnership meetings, workshops etc.

15. Write partner reports.

16. Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor related to business development and resource mobilisation.

Minimum Qualifications and Professional Experience


  • Full Grade 12 Certificate or equivalent.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship or related field
  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration, MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation or related field will be an added advantage


  • Minimum five (5) years of experience in a similar role with advisory responsibilities essential.
  • Prior knowledge and experience in starting up and managing social enterprise ventures.
  • Experience in proposal writing, managing partnerships, research as well as administration and management of resource mobilization processes
  • Proven experience and knowledge in resource mobilisation.
  • Prior programme administration and project management knowledge an advantage
  • Ability to work with a variety of people.
  • Excellent written, verbal and social communication skills.
  • Able to produce clear, concise documents, reports and written briefings.
  • Experience of Donor stewardship and an understanding of Donor and prospect cycle.
  • Donor liaison experience an advantage.

Core Values

1. Commitment to values, mission and vision of the organisation

2. Integrity in all actions

3. Diversity and Inclusion

To be considered for the positions, email your application letter,  resume and certified copies of academic and professional qualifications with traceable referees to [email protected] or  send to:

The Executive Director,

Zambia Open Community Schools,

P.O. Box 50429,

Plot 20, Tito Road, Rhodes Park,


Closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 8th July 2022 at 17:00 hours.

Note: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Indicate the Position being applied for in the subject matter.

Zambia Open Community Schools  is an equal opportunity employer and women are encouraged to apply

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