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Lunsemfwa Hydro Power Company Limited (LHPC)


Lunsemfwa Hydro Power Company Limited (LHPC) is an independent hydro-electric power producer based in Kabwe in the Central Province of Zambia. LHPC owns two Hydropower Stations namely, Mulungushi Power Station and Lunsemfwa Power Station with installed capacity of 32 MW and 24 MW respectively. The two Power Stations have both an upstream reservoir and four generating units each. The older units have undergone refurbishment in recent years. LHPC has Power Purchase Agreements with ZESCO and Copperbelt Energy Corporation. LHPC is also a member of the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).

Therefore, the Company invites applications from highly motivated, result-oriented, suitably qualified and experienced professionals to fill the following vacancies:


Job Purpose

This role is responsible for assisting the Plant Operator in his/her operations and to monitor generation equipment and general cleanness of the plants.

Key Responsibilities

1. Assist the Plant Operator in his /her operational works.
2. Monitor and record Generator’s bearings, windings temperatures, vessels pressure, oil flow wellbeing and lubrication systems.
3. Check oil levels in governors and bearings Mulungushi Power Stations and lubricate equipment when required
4. Ensure general cleanness of the plant, clean work areas, machines, equipment, vehicles, or products.
5. Assist the Plant Operator during starting and shutdown of generation units and during system disturbances.
6. Assist in unclamping and hoisting full reels from braiding, winding, or other fabricating machines, using power hoists.
7. Observe equipment operations so that malfunctions can be detected and notify operators of any malfunctions.
8. Assist in operating an overhead crane.
9. Assist the operator in the Solar Plant.
10. Read gauges or charts, and record data obtained.
11. Record transformer windings temperatures for the Plant Operator.
12. Attach slings, ropes, or cables to objects such as pipes, hoses, or bundles where necessary.
13. Perform minor repairs to machines, such as replacing damaged or worn parts.
14. Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


1. Craft Certificate in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
2.Member of Engineering Institution of Zambia


Job Purpose

This role is responsible for monitoring and inspection of the Main Reservoir, Diversion Dam Weir and Canal infrastructure routines. The Dam Attendant shall carry out daily reports on the water levels and other parameters that are required for the same operations of such infrastructure.

Key Responsibilities

1. Adjusting of opening/ closing settings of the intake Gates, Main Dam Discharge Valve and Diversion Dam Head Gates.
2. Carry out Inspections of the main dam, infrastructure, diversion dam areas, dam walls and canal.
3. Provide security around such infrastructure and slashing of dam wall grass and walkways.
4. Record daily canal, Main Reservoir and Diversion Dam Weir water levels.
5. Record daily water reservoir evaporation parameters.
6. Maintain all walkways and spillways along the canal.
7. Write and submit maintenance work requisitions.
8. Perform maintenance duties, such as sweeping, painting, and yard work to keep facilities clean and in order.
9. Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

1. Grade 12
2. Craft Certificate in the relevant field preferably in Mechanical Fitting.


Job Purpose

This role is responsible for continuously monitoring, controlling, operating, and maintaining the hydro power generating units, related switch gears and balance of plant equipment situated at the hydro station to generate electricity efficiently by optimised use of water and equipment, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

Key Responsibilities

1. Continuously monitor, control, operate, and maintain the hydro power generating units, related switch ears and balance of plant equipment situated at the hydro station to generate electricity efficiently by optimised use of water and equipment.
2. Monitor instruments to maintain electricity by operating and transmission parameters and ensure uninterrupted electricity delivery from the hydro station to the customers.
3. Operate generators, balance of plant equipment, switchgear, valves, aqueduct facilities, and turnouts from unit control panels, plant control rooms or remotely from SCADA systems.
4. Ensure that all equipment is operating under prescribed or acceptable rating to maintain thermal stability.
5. Start, stop, and synchronise generating units safely and correctly both in remote and local control modes using a laid down standard operational procedures.
6. Review and report all station trip-outs and anomalies to appropriate offices.
7. Start and stop auxiliary pumping equipment, turbines, and other power plant equipment, and connect or disconnect equipment from circuits.
8. Adjust controls to generate specified electrical power, or to regulate the flow of power between generating stations and substations.
9. Conduct high voltage switching operations up to 66kV as and when required in accordance with the standard procedures ensuring that all relevant documents are signed by appropriate personnel.
10. Issuance and cancellations of safety documents before any high voltage equipment or apparatus is released for and after maintenance.
11. Monitor and inspect power plant equipment and indicators to detect evidence of operating problems.
12. Inspect records and logbook entries, and communicate with other plant personnel, to assess equipment operating status.
13. Receive outage calls and call-in necessary personnel during power outages and emergencies.
14. Communicate with systems operators to regulate and coordinate transmission loads and frequencies, line voltages and systems disturbances updates.
15. Respond to security related situations according to established procedures or as directed including calling out to law enforcement or fire protection service as required.
16. Train and supervise Trainee Plant Operator and supervise Station Helpers.
17. Perform operations of the Electrical Solar Plant.
18. Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


1. Diploma or Advanced Certificate in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, Technical Education
2.Member of Engineering Institution of Zambia


Job Purpose

To manage and oversee mechanical equipment for LHPC as well as supervise repairs and maintenance works. Suggest improvements in machine performance within agreed budget costs and ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

Key Responsibilities

1.Ensure that the required health and safety standards are achieved within our maintenance/ operation personnel and contractors.

2.Establish and coordinate the maintenance and safety procedures, service schedule as well and material required to maintain machines and equipment in the prescribed condition.
3.Analysing reports and interpreting data from the tests conducted e.g. penstock thickness test survey, bearing temperatures and condition monitoring tests.

4.Investigate equipment failures and difficulties, to diagnose faulty operation and to make a recommendation based on the findings and on how to mitigate the problem.
5.Champion of Causal Analysis/ Lead and assist in causal analysis of plant component failures, environmental and regulatory compliance related items, and operational events. Conduct project management and technical oversight.
6.Support power plants to ensure that testing of equipment/plants are coordinated with Compliance Technical Specialists.
7.Provide guidance and support to plant staff to help ensure compliance related tasks are performed as prescribed in Mining Regulations and Factories Act
8.Coordinate and execute betterment CAPEX and O&M projects, interface with plant production and project personnel, and all other stake holders, ensure plant modification process is followed on projects.
9.Provide project and maintenance troubleshooting of equipment to address issues in a timely manner.
10.Ensure technical resources are available to assist in daily operations/maintenance activities
11.Provide expert level consultation associated with applicable equipment (e.g. turbine – generator, auxiliaries, etc.)
12.To confers with Engineers, Station Managers and other personnel to implement operating procedures, resolve system malfunctions and provide technical information in the form of a report.
13.Provide interface with equipment OEMs and provide engineering support for plant modifications.
14.Provide oversight of engineering activities of external firms, including development of work scopes, and solicitation and evaluation of proposals, project planning and controls, review of deliverables, installation support, and start-up assistance
15.Monitor plant Key Performance Indicators, support plant staff in establishing action plans to close gaps, and track action plan progress through completion. Support strategic planning processes such as Plant Modification Process
16.Ensure 100% compliance with Offline condition monitoring of plant and equipment (Oils)
17.Ensure 100% compliance to statutory equipment tests- Winders, cranes, slings, attachments (C&D, rope cuts, NDT, proof Load test)
18.Ensure diligent compliance to budget through efficient utilization of both labour and material resources.
19.Ensure the availability of a competent workforce through the identification of training needs and pursuing training and development of mechanical personnel with the help of the CTO, Station Managers and Human Resource Officer.
20.Research and analyse maintenance requirements of machine parts/components and present the report to management for approval.

Desired Skills and Qualifications

▪ Grade 12 Full Certificate
▪ A University degree in Mechanical Engineering from a reputable institution

▪ At least 8 years of experience with 5 years as a Hydro-Mechanical Engineer in site works for the energy sector and large infrastructure projects, including hydropower plants and transmission and distribution networks.
▪ Experience in Design review and site supervision.
▪ Excellent English language skills.
▪ Computer literate in Microsoft Office applications.


Job Purpose
This role is responsible for advising senior management on the implementation of Health, Safety and Environment policies and procedures, management and delivery of round-the-clock companywide physical and ensuring compliance to Environment, Health and Safety standards and quality regulations.
Improving the E & S performance of the company is a declared mission of the company management and BOD and the creation of this position as part of senior management is direct outcome of that.
Key Responsibilities

1. Implement and maintain a Health, Safety and Environment Management System in line with good international industry practice (consistent with the IFC Performance Standard 1)
2. Ensure that all health and safety policies, procedures, rules and regulations are adhered to and are regularly reviewed, updated and communicated.
3. Ensure the company meets its statutory obligations in all areas pertaining to Health, Safety and Environment and welfare at work, including statutory training and reporting.
4. Assist in the overall interpretation and application of HSE legislation and international standards applicable to the operations of LHPC, including World Bank EHS Guidelines
5. Develop and implement environmental policies and action plans and monitoring
6. Take the lead on developing sustainable procurement criteria for all goods and services
7. Coordinate all aspects of pollution control, waste management, recycling, environmental health and resource consumption.
8. Keeping up to date with relevant changes in environmental legislation and initiatives including international legislation where applicable
9. Devising the best tools and systems to monitor performance and to implement and to implement strategies
10. Assessing and collating environmental data and reporting information to internal staff, clients and regulatory bodies as applicable
11. Producing educational programs and information resources for staff, clients or the general public
12. Liaising with regulatory bodies and other external stakeholders
13. Support in implementing the LHPC HSE Management System as described in the LHPC HSE plan and actively manage all requirements
14. Enforce the implementation of HSE procedures and requirements and disseminate related information
15. Report on HSE statistics, incidents and other Key Performance Indicators as required
16. Ensure that suitable and sufficient Risk Assessments have been performed before work commences for any activity and that the required mitigation measures are implemented
17. Investigate, follow-up and resolve Health Safety & Environment (HSE) incidents affecting companies in liaison with law enforcement agencies.
18. Develop health, safety and environment annual objectives, targets and action plans and the formulation of safety, health & environment.
19. Ensure that all Health & Safety policies, procedures, rules, and regulations are implemented, adhered to, and are regularly reviewed, updated, and communicated.
20. Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Desired Skills and Qualifications

• A Bachelor of Science in Environment, Health and Safety or a related field
• In-depth knowledge of Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation and relevant regulations of Zambia with 10 years work experience
• In-depth knowledge of the Energy Regulation Board requirements of Zambia
• Great attention to detail
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Excellent organizational skills
• Ability to lead and teach a team
• Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Proficient with Microsoft Office or similar software.
• Ability to explain technical concepts in simple terms
• Experience in Environmental Monitoring and reporting
• Personal authority and strong commitment to E&S aspects
• Knowledge of the World Bank guidelines and IFC Performance Standards

Interested candidates meeting the above qualifications should email their Application Letter clearly indicating the job applied for and CV plus any other supporting documents in one PDF file to by close of business day on 13th January 2024.

The Human Resource Officer
Lunsemfwa Hydro Power Company Limited
Plot No 5047 Main Mine Road
P O Box 80237

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