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Position Purpose: Monitor and organize administrative procurement, attendance checking, assets, and reception management according to the needs of various work of the branch. Cooperate with and assist the administrative manager to organize and provide administrative services and work support, and ensure the normal operation of administrative work.

Job Responsibilities (KRA):

  • Responsible for the standardized management of administrative goods application and administrative procurement of each department, optimize the consultation and procurement process.
  • Supervise and manage the procurement ledger registration.
  • According to the staff ID card management rules of branch company, supervise the staff attendance management, verify attendance data, and ensure the timely and accurate attendance.
  • Responsible for the allocation and management of administrative goods, and ensure the timely and reasonable allocation of assets
  • Responsible for supervising and managing the registration and management of the standing books, organizing regular administrative inventory, ensuring the accuracy of the standing books data and ensuring the safety stock.
  • Manage the daily affairs of the department as well as the allocation and coordination of personnel to ensure the orderly work of the department
  • Responsible for the business guidance and performance appraisal of the staff of the department. cooperate with the HR department to organize regular staff training, improve the comprehensive quality and logistics service level.

Education, Professional & Work Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • 2 or more years Related experience.
  • Purchase of General office materials experience.
  • Good communication skills.

2. CRM Supervisor and Specialist:

Job responsibility:

  1. Responsible for the daily management of the CRM system in the branch office, ensuring the smooth operation of the system.
  2. Execute promotional activities based on the CRM promotion plan developed by the headquarters and the branch, ensuring the successful implementation of the plan.
  3. Manage the work of CRM team members in the branch, follow up, and supervise the completion of tasks.
  4. Promote collaboration and communication with the headquarters and within the team, ensuring smooth information flow.
  5. Generate regular CRM system usage reports, reporting project progress and issues to the headquarters and country manager.
  6. Promptly coordinate resources to address issues raised by customers.
  7. Provide training for team members to ensure their understanding of system operations, promotion goals, and tasks.
  8. Organize and manage short-term business trips for team members as required by business needs, ensuring the efficient execution of travel tasks.

Job requirement:

1.Educational Background:

  • Typically requires a bachelor’s degree, with a major in information technology, computer science, business management, or a related field.

2.Technical Skills:

  • Proficient in CRM systems, familiar with mainstream platforms such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. (Optional)
  • Possesses data management and data analysis skills, capable of understanding and optimizing data processes within the system.
  • Familiar with API integration and system customization, with the ability to coordinate with the IT team for system development and improvements.

3.Business Understanding:
– Has a profound understanding of the company’s business model and sales processes, capable of effectively integrating CRM systems with business requirements, and devising effective promotion plans and execution strategies.
– Possesses expertise in marketing, sales, and customer service domains.

3. FMCG Sales Officer


  1. Marketing of company products
  2. Creating market platforms for new clients
  3. Maintain a good relationship with clients and
  4. Meeting monthly targets and working in teams
  5. Persuade and guide customers through buying of goods
  6. Create, build, and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs.
  7. Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status.
  8. Any other duties assigned

Education requirement:

  • Bachelor degree
  • Good skill in computer, especially in MS office suite is a must
  • Experience in admin work is a prefer • Highly self-motivated is a prefer
  • Good communication skills and logic is a prefer
  • Critical thinking is a preferred

Level of Education: Bachelor Degree ,at least 1 year experience in Fmcg company.


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