Impact Assessment and Data Expert



1. Designing and Implementing Impact Measurement Framework

  • Work closely with the Kvuno team and other relevant stakeholders to design a technically sound impact measurement framework.
  • Utilize technically sound and valid research methodologies (quantitative and qualitative) to measure the impact of bundled services on farmer income, productivity, and empowerment.

2. Attitude Assessment Study

  • Develop and conduct an interrupted time-series approach (pre-post) study to gauge the changes in farmer attitudes, knowledge and skills, and other relevant intermediate outcomes related to adopting digital farming services based on Kvuno’s interventions

3. Data Descriptiveness Enhancement

  • Identify and recommend approaches to improve descriptiveness of Kvuno’s data
  • Work with the Kvuno team to institute data descriptiveness protocols and recode existing data based on the proposed categories.

4. Outlier Detection and Data Cleaning

  • Implement appropriate outlier detection techniques, (such as the median absolute deviation (MAD) method), to ensure the quality of crop yield and other data.
  • Support the Kvuno team to institute procedures for checking new data for large season-on-season changes in farmer practices and yields.
  • Collaborate with field agents to verify and address outlying data (e.g. yield figures), maintaining data accuracy.

5. Capacity Building and Support

  • Support the Kvuno team in building capacity among its key team members and lead farmers for effective data collection. Provide consultative support for implementing data validation processes.


  •  Master’s or Ph.D. in Impact Assessment, Agricultural Economics, Statistics, or a related field.
  •  Proven experience in designing and implementing impact assessment frameworks, especially in agriculture or rural development.
  •  Strong quantitative analysis skills and expertise in statistical software (e.g., R, Python, or similar).
  •  Experience in designing and conducting attitude assessment studies Familiarity with quasi-experimental approaches and data quality enhancement techniques.
  •  Excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders.


Contract Duration – 8 Months

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