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We are looking for an experienced and competent Geologist to analyse geological data and plan our geology-related projects.

Job Brief

The Geologist will visit sites of interest to study the earth and work on extractions and minings.  He/She will require excellent organisational and project management skills and must demonstrate knowledge and competence with data and geologic modelling, as well as technological tools. We are looking for an individual with with good communication skills that works well with teams and can demonstrate leadership and initiative to collaborate with engineers, geophysicists and other scientists.

Key Responsibilities

  • Plan geology projects (e.g. oil extraction, water pipe construction) and field sampling events
  • Survey sites and create logs (e.g. borehole) and maps using GIS
  • Gather and analyse geological data
  • Coordinate research programs
  • Examine the composition of samples and specimens
  • Measure and test fossils, rocks, soil, ores and other material with the proper instruments (e.g. X-rays)
  • Write reports on findings
  • Conduct quality control on the suitability of material (e.g. metals for construction purposes) and inspect projects
  • Study sites for developments, formations, hazards, and composition
  • Investigate and evaluate natural resource deposits (e.g. oil)
  • Consult on various geology-related issues like waste management, resource management, gas extraction techniques and more
  • Ensure environmental and other regulations are met in construction and production projects (e.g. oil wells)

Requirements: Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree in Geology or Geoscience
  • Proven experience working as a geologist
  • Experience with various geological techniques such as mining, boring and numerical modeling
  • Experience using geology software (e.g. ArcGIS, Rockware) and other data and modeling tools (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, GoCAD)
  • Familiarity with environmental regulations
  • Good knowledge of the attributes of ores, soil, minerals and other materials
    •Ability to handle and analyse data and 3D models

Skills and Competencies 

  • An Analytical Mind
  • Attention to detail
  • Great communication skills (oral and written)
  • Planning and Organisational Skills and Teamwork

Submission of Applications:

If you meet the criteria in this job description, and you also have a passion for the earth and it’s intricacies, we’d like to meet you!

To apply for this Job Email with your CV and cover letter by 11th August 2021.

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