General Manager

Radisson Hotel Group

Develop, implement and adhere to strategic business plans, budgets and investment plans according to the annual business planning guidelines. Ensure that these are based on a good market and product knowledge, adequately foresee the near future as well as long-term expectations on market development and maintain realistic yet ambitious targets. Always strive to improve market penetration.

Monitor results regularly and initiate corrective measures and action plans if the hotel performs below expectations.

Monitor performance to competitive set and initiate action if penetration development is negative.

Set objectives and delegate responsibilities to the management team.

Foster team work, open communication, shared information and co-operation.

Ensure the hotel management team utilizes in full all resources available in the Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts and Radisson Hotel Group System to support the hotel and enhance efficiency and know-how.

Create value whenever initiating activities or making decisions. Live and communicate the philosophy, mission and vision of Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts.

Ensure the management team understands the dimension of value when doing business. Ensure that the commercial aspects of decision-making are considered in all relevant areas (revenue management, investments, purchasing, employee scheduling, cost management, etc.)

Maintain a good working-relation and dialogue with the hotel’s owner(s).

Fully understand all contractual relations between Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts and the owner and secure that all obligations are met. Understand, foresee and act proactively regarding any potential conflicts between owner’s interest and those of the Hotel.

Know, understand and get involved in initiatives directed at local markets, such as senior management sales calls and customer events. Take initiatives that build brand awareness, such as participation in local organizations and clubs, which include decision makers, authorities, press and opinion leaders.

Secure maximum implementation, ongoing training and adherence to corporate guest satisfaction programs. Ensure that all complaints from guests are dealt with properly and personally, in accordance with the Yes I Can! Guidelines. The General Manager is to handle Guest complaints personally by a telephone call followed up by a letter. Monitor guest satisfaction reports and initiate corrective action if unsatisfactory.

Ensure that all employees in your hotel receive the necessary training, both in professional competence and in service attitude. Foster and encourage living up to the brand values. Encourage self-development. Support education initiatives and participation in task force assignments. Facilitate transfers within or beyond the Region. Ensure that good performers develop and move on into new positions and assignments.

Implement and monitor routines for effective prevention of and dealing with fire, major accidents and terrorism at the hotel. Ensure relevant training and induction of hotel personnel in security matters (Emergency Management Manual). Facilitate documentation of all prevention and training activities. Investigate and promptly and diligently react to all information of a security nature. Ensure that your hotel seeks expert advise on necessary and advisable safety & security equipment, systems and solutions and implement the same.

Be responsible for the protection of the brand image of Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts as per company guidelines.

Ensure that well prepared and commercially sensible short and long-term investment plans are developed. Seek approval in accordance with company guidelines. Monitor execution of investment projects. Include value considerations and appropriate “Return on Investment” calculations in the evaluation process.

Adhere to and implement decisions of authority and “Grandfather principle” for all decision-making levels (salary & benefits, promotions, dismissals etc). Inform superior of changes in the management team of your hotel. Adhere to and monitor the hotels’ implementation of corporate, contractual and legal reporting guidelines.

Know, comply with and ensure the hotel complies with company policies as communicated from Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts and Radisson Hotel Group head office. Ensure that all employees within the hotel are informed and trained to understand the company’s Code of Business Ethics. Department Heads should sign for receipt of Code of Business Ethics as described in company guidelines.

Establish and monitor pre-opening business plan (including sales & marketing, training, operational pre-opening, staffing and operating equipment list) and budget for new hotel project and conversion. Ensure property opens on time, within pre- opening-budget and in accordance with Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts standards. Seek support and assure co-ordination with immediate Supervisor and Radisson Blu Hotels &Resorts as well as Radisson Hotel Group head office resources (Pre- opening Management Team).

Be at all times a role model for all points of contact with internal and external stakeholders for all employees and the management team. This includes but is not limited to your behavior during the customary use of hotel facilities for business purposes, representation, and evening or week-end duties in line with executing your duties.

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