About The Role

An Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Manager will play a pivotal role in orchestrating and ensuring the various elements of environmental health and safety within Sandvik Central Africa. This role involves the comprehensive management and implementation of policies, procedures, and programs dedicated to promoting a safe working environment and minimizing environmental impact.

The EHS Manager is pivotal in ensuring that the organization adheres to applicable laws and regulations related to environmental health and safety. You need a profound understanding of diverse regulations and methodologies to ensure compliance. The EHS Manager is responsible for navigating the regulatory landscape and integrating compliance measures seamlessly within Sandvik processes.

Roles And Responsibilities of the EHS Manager

The role of an Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Manager is multifaceted, involving a range of responsibilities aimed at promoting a safe and environmentally responsible workplace.

  • Developing and Implementing Policies and Procedures

EHS Managers play a pivotal role in framing and executing safety and environmental policies and procedures. The primary goal is to uphold compliance with regulations, focusing on minimizing risks and fostering a secure and healthy work environment.

Establishing emergency procedures and conducting drills are crucial components in preparing and equipping employees for unforeseen incidents, ensuring swift and appropriate responses to various emergency scenarios.

  • Inspection and Risk Assessment

Undertaking regular inspections of facilities to pinpoint and evaluate potential hazards is another integral responsibility of EHS Manager. Need to meticulously assess risks associated with machinery, chemicals, and working practices and formulate and execute strategies to alleviate identified risks, guaranteeing continuous adherence to safety protocols and compliance standards.

  • Training and Communication

The role of EHS Managers extends to conducting comprehensive safety training sessions, covering a myriad of topics such as emergency evacuation procedures, correct equipment usage, and handling of hazardous substances.

EHS Manager actively communicate with every tier of the organization, aiming to elevate awareness regarding safety and environmental issues and to instil a culture of responsibility and compliance throughout the organization.

  • Monitoring and Reporting

EHS Managers hold the responsibility of overseeing the adherence to safety and environmental policies, performing regular audits, and addressing instances of non-compliance. Compile detailed and comprehensive reports of inspection findings, incidents, and the corrective actions undertaken, maintaining meticulous records as mandated by law.

  • Environmental Protection

EHS Managers are entrusted with designing and implementing environmental management systems with the objective to monitor and mitigate the environmental impact of the organization’s activities. Meticulously manage waste disposal, emissions, and effluent discharge and ensure stringent compliance with all pertinent environmental regulations.

  • Emergency Response Coordination

In situations of emergencies or incidents, the immediate coordination and management of response efforts fall under the purview of EHS Managers. Work in conjunction with emergency services and conduct thorough investigations of incidents to determine the root causes and implement preventive measures to avoid recurrence.

  • Legal Compliance and Keeping Updated With Legislation

Maintaining abreast of safety and environmental legislation. Ensure the organization consistently operates within the legal framework and act as intermediaries with regulatory bodies, handling any inspections or inquiries from authorities and ensuring all organizational processes meet the required standards.

  • Employee Well-Being

Ensuring the occupational health and overall well-being of employees is a vital responsibility of EHS Manager. Address various aspects, including ergonomic issues and work environment quality, to create a workspace conducive to employee health and productivity.

  • Continuous Improvement

Dedicated to the continuous assessment and enhancement of safety and environmental programs. Persistently seek avenues to refine and bolster these initiatives, benchmarking against industry best practices and integrating innovative methods and technologies to progress organizational safety and environmental performance.


To become an EHS Manager at Sandvik, a combination of education, experience, and a specific skill set is required. Below are the qualifications and skills typically needed:

  • Atleast a bachelor’s degree in environmental science, Occupational Health, Industrial Safety, or a related field.
  • 7 to 10 years’ experience

What We Offer

  • condensed workweeks, and flexible start/finish times.
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Company Performance Bonus scheme and Length of Service Recognition program.
  • Paid parental leave and ongoing training and development opportunities.

Join a dynamic and inclusive team dedicated to driving success and supporting employee growth.

To apply for this job please visit sandvik.wd3.myworkdayjobs.com.

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