Dispatch General Assistant

Jumbo Wholesale Zambia Limited

Jumbo Wholesale is a low cost, no frills wholesale business providing General Merchandise, Cosmetics & Food products in bulk to a range of independent traders & commercial users in Southern Africa. Jumbo – The Giant of Africa offers you a wider range, great deals, improved services and a better shopping experience.

We believe in cultivating relationships, team work, excellent customer service, simplicity, innovation and keeping our promises.

We currently seek to fill the position of Dispatch General Assistant

  • Ensure items rung up by the cashier against the till slip to ensure that the goods are charged correctly as per the till slip.
  • Ensure items correctly to ensure that there are no undercharges.
  • Ensure the quantity of items matches the invoice.
  • Ensure the description of the items matches the invoice.
  • Ensure the measurements are correct (e.g. litres, mls, grams).
  • Check whether items are shrink-wrapped and what quantity is shrink-wrapped.
  • Check suspicious items. Open all boxes. If suspicious goods are found, report this to Management. If all is in order let the goods through. Reseal the box, if requested.
  • Report incorrect pricing or ticketing to the Manager and follow up if it is not corrected.
  • Pack customers goods into boxes or trolleys. (Following all packing protocols) .
  • Check for damaged goods where goods are damaged and replace with undamaged items.
  • Ensure the customers leave with undamaged goods.
  • Check the weight of cartons to ensure they are not to heavy or too light.
  • Ensure the right labels are printed according to the invoice details.
  • Ensure the labels are placed on the right cartons, to ensure no mixing of orders.
  • Inform transporters to collect the goods, contact the transporter as per the customers instructions.
  • Ensure customer service standards are adhered to with both the Customer and transporters.
  • Ensure a neat and tidy work space at all times.
  • Follow all ad-hoc requests from your supervisor including but not limited to picking up litter, cleaning the floor, clean counters etc.
  • Any other duties as assigned.
  • 2-3 years related experience as General Assistant in similar Role/Capacity (Retail).
  • Full Grade 12 Certificate.
  • Quality & service orientated.
  • Excellent Communication Skills.
  • Safety awareness.
  • Must pay attention to detail, work well under pressure and be willing to go the extra mile.

To apply for this job email your details to Zambia.Recruitment@masscash.co.za.

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