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The key purpose of this role is to execute the Tier 1 & 2 Logistics strategy, to understand deviations and course correct or realign where necessary. To ensure T1, T2 & Warehouse Logistics key performance indicators are being achieved to support overall Service Levels to Sales. To control and manage Variable Logistics Costs. To implement and support the DPO/VPO & LCP

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Intermediary with Sales to ensure that we satisfy demand and deliver on Service Level in the most cost efficient way to deliver on VLC. SL accountable
  • Manage Tier 1, 2 and warehouse operational performance and execution against the target, and ensure alignment with Variable Logistics Costs. Ensure Latest Estimate is calculated with plans to recover on deviations – Variable Logistics Performance achieved
  • Manage FG warehouse capacities to ensure maximum efficient utilization of space – Service Level Achieved
  • Manage all T1 & T2 warehouse related KPI’s to drive overall Productivity
  • Manage SCOH to a minimum waste measure & reduce Bottle Los. Reduce stock age write offs and stock count variances – minimise losses
  • Manage performance and execution against the Ret Container plan Service Level Achieved
  • Define and control the Finished Goods and Returnable Container plan for production to ensure we enable service level performance achieved against target.
  • Support production performance and execution against the production plan -Downtime Caused by Logistics reduced
  • Understand and manage FG warehouse capacities to ensure maximum efficient utilization of space.
  • Manage and Report all T1 & T2 warehouse related KPI’s to drive Warehouse and Distribution productivity.
  • Define T1 and T2 transportation requirements for movement of raw materials and finished goods. Correct fleet sizing to fulfill demand.
  • Manages performance and execution against the T1 & T2 transportation and inventory deployment plan to achieve 100% Load Plan Attainment
  • DPO & VPO implemented, Means achieved to drive results. Serves as an SME
  • Works to ensure a safe working environment
  • LCP Implemented, Means achieved to drive results, serves as SME & SPOC


  • 3 year relevant diploma/degree
  • 2 Year management experience preferably in Logistics or Supply
  • DPO/VPO experience
  • Warehouse, Logistics & Inventory experience advantageous
  • High level computer user (MS Office, Oasis, Handheld devices)
  • SAP/Syspro proficient
  • Good interpersonal skills / builds good relationships
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good verbal and communication skills
  • Good self-management practices
  • Strong achievement orientation
  • Ability to adapt to and implement change effectively

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