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Frankfurt Zoological Society conserves wildlife and ecosystems focussing on protected areas and outstanding wild places. FZS maintains long-term conservation programmes in Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe. The Africa Programme is FZS’ largest and oldest and is active in five focal countries: The Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe (

FZS Zambia (FZS-Z) has been active in the North Luangwa Ecosystem since 1986 and Nsumbu since 2017, working to conserve these globally important wilderness areas. FZS-Z supports effective and efficient protected area management, with a focus on law enforcement and community outreach with a focus on empowering host custodians in GMAs to manage their own resources. Particularly, the North Luangwa Ecosystem Programme (NLCP) has the mission of ‘Linking Livelihoods and Landscapes’. NLCP works using the following strategies:

1.     Protect=Conserve=Preserve- This aims to implement robust and adaptive large landscape enforcement tactics and capability to protect, conserve, and preserve wildlife habitats and ecological services;

2.     Empower=Educate=Enterprise- This aims to implement creative and beneficial initiatives to empower, educate and deliver enterprise opportunities for neighbouring communities and wider Zambian society;

3.     Communicate=Connect=Change- This aims to implement focused messaging to communicate and connect with stakeholders and partners for effective and positive change; and

4.     Structure=Systems=Support- This aims to implement a clear and enduring organization and financial structure with efficient systems to support a mentally and physically healthy team.

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1. Job title: Community Conservation Officer

2. Reporting to: Community Outreach Manager

Working Closely with:

  • NLCP Community Education Coordinator
  • NLCP Livelihood Strategy Advisor
  • DNPW Area Warden
  • DNPW Extension Officer

3. Reports

  • NLCP Community Liaison Assistant;
  • NLCP Community Conservation Educator; and
  • NLCP Field enumerators.
  • NLCP Agriculture extension officers

4. Location/Station

Chikwa (Chama), Chifunda (Chama), Mukungule (Mpika), and Nabwalya (Mpika) Chiefdoms, in the North Luangwa Ecosystem but will be required to work at other locations as the job requires.

5. Frequency of reporting:


6. Salary:

A competitive salary will be paid based on qualifications and experience

7. Objective

This is a mid-management field-based position to implement and help improve a consistent and effective bottom-up community engagement programme with the custodian communities in the Chiefdom of the Game Management Areas surrounding North Luangwa National Park (collectively termed North Luangwa Ecosystem) in line with NLCP’s strategy. This is in line with the partnership between Frankfurt Zoological Society and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW).

8. Duties

The Community Conservation Officer shall be responsible for smooth implementation of field activities for the community outreach services in the North Luangwa Ecosystem. Specifically, the duties shall be as follows:

a. Integration and strengthening of community natural resources management institutions

  • Strengthen the governance of Community Resources Boards (CRB) and Village Action Groups (VAG) by:
    • Facilitating effective and transparent community representation, and decision-making through these community institutions as a means for consistent community engagement.
    • Providing training to community-based management staff and VAG/CRB representatives on relevant aspects of management, administration and governance
    • Organising and co-ordinating community exposure tours, workshops and seminars
    • Facilitating effective and regular communication and feedback between VAGs/CRBs and their respective constituent communities.
    • Facilitating effective and transparent revenue and other benefits/opportunities distribution mechanisms to ensure the maximum impact and incentives to communities from conservation and wildlife related business within the NLE.
    • Working closely with the CRB, its secretariat and VAGs, and any other community-based organisations in encouraging local people to support in sustainable conservation of the biodiversity of the area;
    • Facilitating community mobilisation, organisation of community meetings and support infrastructure development;
    • Attending at least all meetings of the CRB, VAG and community general meetings;
    • Work with the CRB and secretariat in participatory project planning, budgeting, implementation, and monitoring.
    • Providing monthly reports on the work of the CRB in governance and financial management and general record keeping
    • Provide support to CRB to ensure that Community Scouts are recruited, contracted and managed, including training to ensure they understand use of firearms, human rights, bush patrol craft among others, in accordance with their conditions of service and disciplinary codes.
  • Strengthen the capacity of CRB and VAG to monitor wildlife and participate in quota setting.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships, liaison and collaboration with chiefs and district authorities locally and with relevant Ministries, civil society and partners locally.
  • Ensure regular and close communication, coordination and involvement with Government departments (DNPW, FD, MOA, DOF, council etc.) and in the NLE for all aspects of the NLE community programme
  • Support the roll out of Grievance procedures mechanism and its ongoing functionality between community members and other stakeholders

b. Strengthen institutional and organisational capacity of community outreach

  • To coordinate planning and implementation with the CLA, CCE and enumerators for all community outreach activities.
  • To support CLA in all the CRB day to day activities, help in organising the paper work and ensuring it is updated continuously;
  • To contribute to improvement of performance monitoring frameworks,
  • To implement community outreach monitoring and evaluation frameworks, which includes, the collection and analysis of information to monitor and evaluate the impact and outcomes of project activities
  • Facilitate and conduct dissemination of FZS project results and lessons learned locally as well as regionally, nationally, internationally, and within FZS.
  • Contribute to annual work plans, budgets, reporting and monitoring of the broader NLCP programme

c. Improve and strengthen livelihood, including health, opportunities while decreasing the cost of living with wildlife for resident custodians in the chiefdom and GMA

  • Facilitate and support community-based conservation initiatives around wildlife protection, human/wildlife interaction management, WASH, and other natural resource management initiatives;
  • Facilitate conservation enterprise and partnerships, especially within the tourism sector, for the development of revenue streams to NLE communities
  • Facilitate and oversee strategic intervention to improve rural livelihoods within resident custodians of the NLE through, for example, support to social service provision (health and education), micro-credit schemes (such as COCOBA), improved markets and conservation agriculture
  • Facilitate and support the development and implementation of land use and associated general management plans within respective Game Management Areas and the establishment of activities and bylaws for their implementation and enforcement;

d. General

  • Adhere to annual FZS and donor budgets, following FZS and donor financial management policy and procedures for proper and transparent use of project funds;
  • Ensure responsible use and care of any project assets and equipment assigned to the community outreach team, including vehicles for field teams.
  • To attend such meetings, seminars and conferences as may be directed to do;
  • Work closely with the office of the DNPW Area Warden, NLE and other DNPW/FD/DOF staff within the operational area;
  • Perform any other duties that may be delegated in line with NLCP’s strategy.
  • The Community Conservation Officer is expected to be competent in each of the following areas and exhibit these competencies while carrying out their duties;

Teamwork: Cooperate, support and work well with others to achieve project goals. Share information, and contribute effectively to FZS` objectives and solving problems.
Initiatives: Pro-active, energetic, and a self –starter. Recognise and discuss new opportunities report and address problems in a timely manner. Maintain effective communication with management, project partners, and stake holders.
Problem analysis: recognise relevant and importance information. Identify problems and /or potential problems, and trace the cause of problems.
Planning and organising: Plan and organise complex activities and work on multiple tasks. Determine actions, time frames and required resources for projects and monitor progress. Set goals and budget estimates effectively, and manage time effectively.
Management control: Establish and implement procedures to regulate own task activities and responsibilities.
Flexibility: Adaptable, resourceful, and receptive to new ideas; willing and able to adjust to changing circumstances.
Integrity: Honest, reliable, and maintain high ethical standards. Show respect and fairness when dealing with others

9. Qualifications

The position holder shall:

  • Holder of Diploma in social science, wildlife management, community development or rural development.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in social science, wildlife management, community development or rural development will be an added advantage.
  • At least 3 years of practical field experience in working with rural communities.
  • Must possess fair knowledge and workings of CBNRM, principles of good governance, and general wildlife and natural resources management in Zambia
  • Clear understanding of existing natural resources and wildlife policies; legal frameworks and legislation will be an advantage.
  • Practical experience working with traditional authorities will be an added advantage.
  • Strong governance and livelihoods skills will be an advantage.

Other attributes:

  • Self-motivated, disciplined and determined to work within the flexibility nature of the work
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability and willingness to work in a rural setting
  • Ability to work as team
  • Ability to adhere to work ethics


Only candidates who meet the specified qualifications should apply. Please submit an application with the following:

1. Cover Letter – 1-page description of why you are suitable for the CCO role

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) – 3 pages describing your experience, qualifications and 3 traceable referees.

Send via email the stated documentation only (4 pages) (NO NRCs, NO Driving Licences, NO certificates) to make sure to indicate in the email subject line the position you are applying for or drop your applications at the Frankfurt Zoological Society / Department of National Parks and Wildlife Offices in Mpika.

Applications should be addressed to: The Community Outreach Manager, North Luangwa Conservation Programme, Frankfurt Zoological Society, P.O Box 450189, Mpika

Closing Date: 17 September 2021 at 23:59. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. FZS-NLCP is an equal opportunity employer, and everyone is free to apply. Women and custodian residents of Chikwa, Chifunda, Mukungule and Nabwalya Chiefdoms are encouraged to apply.

To apply for this job email your details to

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