CCC Program Lead

  • Full Time
  • Lusaka, Zambia
  • K10 000 ZMW
  • Salary: K10 000

Special Hope Network

Programs CCC Job Description

LMA (Lead, Manage, and Hold People Accountable)

  • Inspire CCC staff and provide clear direction to carry out mission and vision, allocate necessary tools and resources, and opportunities for delegation for direct reports while executing the VTO, including taking clarity breaks to work “on” the business, ensure staff understand organizational tools (VTO, Theory of Change, and their own roles and rocks)
  • Keep expectations clear, communicate well, and have the right meeting pulse for direct reports, use rewards and recognition to provide quick positive and corrective feedback, and reliably hold quarterly conversations,
  • Ensure direct reports are accountable for results.
  • Be positive and supportive of SHN decisions and expectations to be an example of a hopeful attitude
  • Be an example of spiritual growth by practicing personal daily habits of faithfulness. Talk about those habits when with your staff and ask them about theirs. Hold discipleship in high regard and add to Level 10s every time. Pray with your staff. Prioritize faith, yours, and your staff members.
  • Conduct performance evaluations on staff, and teach direct reports how to carry out fair performance evaluations for their staff
  • Train staff on bible study skills, leadership skills, management skills, emotional intelligence in the workplace, and professionalism

Research and Development

  • Improve current practices of the CCC program for optimal sustainability and effectiveness.
  • Develop systems and processes to streamline CCC program practice.
  • Research and plan future CCC program opportunities
  • Participate in continuing education and professional development to further knowledge in special education, community engagement, and program management.


  • Consistently utilize and evaluate Theory of Change
  • Initiate and set program goals and objectives based on Theory of Change
  • Manage, oversee, and advance CCC program short- and long-term goals
  • Create program summary and analysis reports for grants, Board of Directors and other use

Resources and Roadblocks

  • Identify necessary resources and communicate needs to executive team
  • Assist in budget development and carry out CCC program budget management
  • Identify roadblocks that cause consistent barriers to success and develop and execute a plan to remove roadblocks

Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Developing and implementing data collection plans, including creating surveys and questionnaires, recruiting participants, and collecting and analyzing data
  • Analyzing data to identify trends and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of programs
  • Developing measurement tools such as surveys or focus groups to assess attitudes, opinions, or behaviors
  • Collecting data on program implementation and outcomes to inform ongoing efforts to improve performance
  • Collecting data on client satisfaction with services or programs to determine whether they meet clients’ needs
  • Conducting research to identify community needs and emerging issues that could impact a program’s effectiveness
  • Evaluating program effectiveness by measuring outputs against outcomes and results against objectives.


Bachelor’s degree in project management with 5 years experience


Pay ZMW 10,000

Location: Lusaka

Full time



Good communication skills


Good technological skill

Has knowledge in M & E

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