Call for Suppliers

Christian Blind Mission (CBM)

Christian Blind Mission (CBM) is a disability inclusive organization committed to improving life of people with disabilities in the poorest communities of the world. Through our disability-inclusive development approach, we address the barriers that hinder access and participation and actively seek to ensure the full participation of people with disabilities as empowered self-advocates in all development and emergency response processes.

Christian Blind Mission (CBM) invites applications from eligible suppliers for Pre-Qualification of Suppliers for the year 2022 on the following categories.

  • Goods and Services – Lot Number 1 – Printing materials, Office stationery and Supplies
  • Goods and Services – Lot Number 2 – Supply of IT Equipment, Accessories and services
  • Goods and Services – Lot Number 3 – Supply of IT Repair and Maintenance
  • Goods and Services – Lot Number 4 – Supply of Office Furniture and Fittings
  • Services                      – Lot Number 5 – Motor Vehicle Supply and Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 6 – Provision of Car Hire Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 7 – Provision of Accommodation, Catering and Conferences Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 8 – Provision of Insurance Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 9 – Provision of Customs Clearing Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 10 – Provision of Courier Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 11 – Provision of Security Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 12 – Provision of Pest Control and Fumigation Services, Sanitising
  • Services                      – Lot Number 13 – Air Flight Travel Services, Taxi
  • Services                      – Lot Number 14 – Medical Scheme Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 15 – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Services                      – Lot Number 16 – Office Cleaning Services, Moving Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 17 – Recruitment Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 18 – Legal Services
  • Services                      – Lot Number 19 – Supply of Promotional Materials
  • Goods and Services – Lot Number 20 – Covid19 items (Sanitising wipes, face masks, gloves, sanitiser dispensers)

All interested suppliers wishing to be considered for pre-qualification should submit the following documents:

1. Business Profile including contact details , physical address, sample pictures
2. Business registration/license certificates
3. Copy of suppliers valid Zambia Revenue Authority Tax Clearance , Value Added Tax (VAT) registration and With Holding Tax Exemption Certificates
4. List of current customers and their contact details (references)
5. Evidence of financial capacity (Proof of bank account, bank statements not later than three months and audited accounts)
6. Proposal, Payment terms and Delivery periods

  • Please note CBM Zambia only makes payments on tax invoices and not quotations.
  • All business owners to not have less than 5 years business experience
  • All suppliers who would like to render goods and services to CBM should submit prequalification documents in sealed clearly marked envelopes “ Pre-qualification of Suppliers 2022 indicating clearly the preferred Category , Lot Number and Description shall be submitted to the address below:

The Chairperson
Procurement Committee
Christian Blind Mission
84 Central Street
Lusaka, Zambia

Or by email: (email subject to indicate ‘Category , Lot Number and Description’)

  • Prequalification documents must be received by Friday 15th April 2022, any application received after the deadline will be rejected.
  • Please reach out to +260960440075 if additional information is required.

To apply for this job email your details to

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