Beneficiary Manager

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  • Zambia

Spark Zambia

Spark Zambia is Hiring!

We are looking for a Beneficiary Manager.

* Develop and maintain effective communication strategies to engage beneficiaries/cohorts and keep them informed about the programs, services, and benefits.
* Facilitate regular meetings/consultations, trainings, or events to enhance communication and gather feedback from beneficiaries, ensuring their needs and concerns are addressed promptly.
* Conduct comprehensive needs assessments for each beneficiary to identify their specific requirements and challenges.
* Collaborate with beneficiaries to create individualized plans that align with their goals and aspirations, ensuring the utilization of available resources to maximize positive outcomes.
* Provide personalized case management support, guiding beneficiaries through the various stages of accessing and utilizing
* Establish and implement systems for monitoring the progress of beneficiaries, tracking key metrics, and assessing the effectiveness of the programs.
* Regularly evaluate the impact of the program, adjust strategies as needed to address emerging challenges, and optimize outcomes for beneficiaries.
* Foster strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, such as community organizations, government agencies, and employers, to enhance the overall support network available to beneficiaries.
* Work closely with beneficiaries and teams within the program to coordinate efforts and share insights that contribute to a holistic approach to beneficiary management.


  • Must have good people skills and has passion to help people
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Able to work in a team
  • Undergraduate degree in a social science field

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