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The Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ) is a statutory body that regulates the practice of engineering in Zambia as mandated by an Act of Parliament No. 17 of 2010.

In an effort to promote engineering in Zambia and giving back to its membership, EIZ is inviting eligible students and members to apply for scholarship. The EIZ Scholarship is awarded to outstanding students who wish to pursue a career in Engineering or existing members who wish to upgrade their qualifications. All courses should be tenable in Zambia.

The EIZ is offering four (4) scholarships to either undergraduates, Technologists, Technicians, Craftsperson’s or school leavers.


Scholarships shall be awarded to accepted applicants at participating training institutions. They will constitute a full scholarship award. A full scholarship award shall cover tuition fees, accommodation and meal allowances. Beneficiaries shall come from a pool of candidates accepted at accredited universities or colleges on merit basis. Amounts to be awarded shall be according to the current tuition fees of the respective participating Institutions.


Applicants must:
1. Have a conformation of acceptance at an accredited participating Institution.
2. Have a character reference letter from the Secondary school or Institution (school or employer) they are coming from.
3. Members wishing to apply should be paid-up.


1. Grade 12 certificates with a minimum of five (5) credits, which must include English, Mathematics, and either one or two subjects from physical science being, Science, chemistry and physics.
2. Extra-curricular involvement. E.g. JETS, Math Club (Optional)
3. Applicants accepted in an engineering program.
4. Motivation/Covering letter
5. Certified high school or college transcripts.


1. Grade 12 school certificates with a minimum of five (5) credits which must include English, Mathematics and any science.
2. Applicants accepted in an engineering related program.
3. Certified high school or college transcripts.
4. Motivation/Covering letter
5. Extra-curricular involvement. E.g. JETS, Math Club. (Optional)


All submissions clearly named “EIZ SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION” should be addressed to the Registrar using the Headquarters address below and emailed to pr@eiz.org.zm not later than 20th March 2024 at 17:00 hours.

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